a Graphic artist’s Diary Released by Wordeee

Panagiotis Lampridis, Greek Author and Artist’s Satirical Memoir Hits the Ground Running in the USA

a Graphic artist's Diary by Panagiotis Lampridis

a Graphic artist’s Diary by Panagiotis Lampridis

NEW YORKJune 8, 2021PRLog — In his trademark irreverent prose, Panagiotis Lampridis has claimed his place in the international arena for his satiric memoir following in the footsteps of humorists Shel Silverstein, David Sedaris, and Tina Fey. An emotionally moving story with memories so vibrant, fresh, and side-splitting funny, this coming-of-age tale has something everyone can identify. With his unbridled sense of personal discovery, Lampridis has proven himself to be a talented humorist.

Marva Allen, Wordeee CEO, stated, “Good writing, regardless of what language it’s in, has the power to translate complex concepts that can affect the human spirit in provocative and comical ways. Panagiotis Lampridis is just such a writer. Wordeee is proud to have published his book.”

a Graphics artist’s Diary is the true story of Panagiotis Lampridis, born with an artistic gift, a dream he could not give up on. Knowing precisely who he was, he tried to fit into the world as expected. He tried out for University, went into the Greek army, studied, submitted countless resumes, went on dozens of interviews, did every odd job available, worked in big business, and lived through crisis after crisis. Finally, a chance meeting gave him a new perspective, and his entrepreneurial venture was born. His story is addressed to graphic designers, but anyone who knows their superpower will find a piece of their own story somewhere within these pages. The message of the story: if you genuinely believe in your superpower, NEVER give up on your dream.

What people are saying about a Graphic artist’s Diary:

“Two observations accompanied my reading of a Graphic artist’s Diary: Although my own timeline of life precedes the author’s, I personally related to his experiences and encounters in the big city sparkling facet milieu. I was aware, accepting, and supportive of Lampridis’ writing in a second language. I gleaned he had done his homework absorbing the pacing, inflection and flavor of the greats and then making it his own. For these reasons, to me, make this book valuable. Efharisto, Panagiotis Lampridis!”

—Robert G. Zuckerman, Master Photographer

Dean’s Distinguished Fellow, Florida International University

“You will read it all in one go with your coffee on the couch or on the beach, and you will thoroughly enjoy it!”

—Vicky Vlahouli, Author

“I found the book to be a close-up and personal account of what the author endured in his effort to find his place in the world. A most talented graphic designer, yet he was often treated with little respect. The fact he didn’t give up is truly inspiring…demonstrating how important it is to believe in oneself no matter what others say or do to put you down. Told with both humor and heart, it made me appreciate what it takes for an artist to share their gifts with the world.”

—Sandy Bazinet, Author

“I read the book without taking a breath…it made me laugh with my soul!  I’m glad I got a book in “slang” that feels like a friend is telling you their story.”

—Christina Paraskevopoulou, Graphic Designer

About the Author:

Born in Athens, Greece in 1973, Panagiotis Lampridis’ love for painting and the creation of images led him to graphic design. A graduate of a graphic design school, he has been working as a graphic designer since 1997 and participated in four group and many individual exhibitions. He has won the first prize in a one-act playwriting competition, which was staged, and the first prize in a poetry competition. He’s been a semi-professional soccer player, DJ, lyricist and composer. Most recently, he’s been writing articles for social media sites and beyond. a Graphic artist’s Diary is his first book.

Release date: June 8, 2021

a Graphic artist’s Diary published by Wordeee http://www.wordeee.com

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