A Documentary Film of the Godfather of Disco Streams for One Night Only

 Writer and Director Alberto Moreira’s debut feature documentary film, “Heavy Vibes – The Vince Montana Retrospect,” explores Vincent’s rise in the jazz and r&b world as a vibraharpist, learning from the best of the era in Philadelphia and Las Vegas. With experienced gained with Philly-based MFSB, he charts a new course to make a mark for himself in New York City; that catapults him to the fledgling genre of dance music, disco, with the creation of the Salsoul Orchestra with the newly rebranding of Salsoul Records. His musical legacy, as impressive as it is; Vincent still needs to fight for his share of recognition and fortune or risks fading in obscurity.

Heavy Vibes is told by archive footage, pictures, interviews, and music with those who knew him then and in his later years by recording artists, record execs, club dee jays and his fans as well. One special guest shared her insights about working with Vincent in various iconic songs (Merry Christmas All – Salsoul Records 1976, # 1 Dee Jay – Atlantic Records 1979), daughter and platinum recording artist Denise Montana. “He was always rising… the music had to come out,” explains Denise on camera. “He lived and breathed music!”

“It’s special having Denise be part of this film, she brings an intimacy to the film, you see how much respect and admiration she has for her father,” Alberto says. “I felt that Vincent’s story had to be told, his music is Americana, from the jazz musicians he learned and played with in the 40s, to working with the up-and-coming music producers in the mid-90s and everyone and everything in between! This man deserves the recognition. I’m sure if I put a popular R&B or classic disco track of the era, most people would know it but are not aware his musical DNA is in it!”

With classic dance hits like “Salsoul Hustle” – Salsoul Records 1975, “Tangerine” – Salsoul Records 1975, “More” – Salsoul Records with Vocalist Carol Williams 1976, “Dance a Little Bit Closer” – Salsoul Records with Vocalist Charo 1977, “Runaway” – Salsoul Records with Vocalist Loleatta Holloway 1977, “Magic Bird of Fire” – Salsoul Records 1977, “Heavy Vibes” – Philly Sound Works 1982, and more, Vincent Montana’s body of work speaks for itself.

Heavy Vibes was chosen as an official selection of the 37th annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival and debuted on November 10, 2022 as well as at the Saint Augustine Film Festival on January 15, 2023. When asked why the decision to live stream with Eventive, Alberto explained, “In November, we had a small hurricane off the coast of Florida and that spooked a lot of people. We want to give folks the chance to see the film in the comfort of their home, from anywhere in the world if you have internet and a laptop and with Eventive, they have a great reputation in achieving this. We knew we can count on them to deliver a cool and fun experience streaming our film.”

When asked what are the plans moving forward with the film’s exhibition, Alberto replied, “Heavy Vibes is a special film that covers the trajectory of popular and dance music in the U. S. with a pioneer of the disco sound out in front. That’s why we want to make it the event it deserves on the 9th of June with a Q&A afterwards. For all the classic disco fans and hustle dancers as well of those who appreciate the history of dance music, they do not want to miss this live stream. Great music, by great artists, at a time when you can go to a discotheque and for a few hours forget the problems of the world!”

Heavy Vibes – The Vince Montana Retrospect will stream for one night only on Eventive.org, June 9, 2023 at 730pm EDT. Q&A afterwards.

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