GiantLands Theme Park Will be a Game Park Built on a Groundbreaking Vision

 Wonderfilled today announced a project of remarkable vision: to bring to life an entirely new kind of theme park experience. Called GiantLands, it will be an incredibly immersive gaming destination based on Wonderfilled’s game by the same name.

GiantLands will be a game park for everyone, with a new generation of interactive and immersive game-based experiences that reimagines what it means to be a theme park. Begging the question “Who will you become?” Guests are invited to imagine their future selves and to live out the fantasy in the park.

Imagine a place that radically offers offline experiences, with real people, in the real world, however within a fiction, with thrilling mixed-reality attractions and shows that will forever change the guest expectations and perception of live-action play within a themed land. Set in a highly themed, and completely immersive smart environment inspired by Wonderfilled’s vision for GiantLands, it will be the kind of game park.

“My team has been working hard over the course of the pandemic to take all our learnings from decades creating new product categories to deliver a living game world. One that our players can step inside of,” said Stephen E. Dinehart, President of Wonderfilled.

Wonderfilled’s GiantLands will be located in Wisconsin, the birthplace of the roleplaying game. Work is already underway on the project, and more details will be released in the future. The GiantLands 1st Edition game, which is the basis for the park was released late last year.

You can learn more about GiantLands on the official site. GiantLands 1st Edition is now available for sale for $129.99 and currently only directly from Wonderfilled at

About Wonderfilled

Founded in 2018 in Orlando, Florida, Wonderfilled Inc. is a Wisconsin-based corporation built in the spirit of so many visionaries, committed to creating wonder, inspiring awe and making the world a better place for dreamers and dreaming.

About Giantlands

GiantLands is a science-fantasy roleplaying game & live-action game world created by Stephen E. Dinehart & James M. Ward with Gary Gygax Jr. published by Wonderfilled, Inc. Fans can experience GiantLands through the tabletop roleplaying game, official events, various forms of media, and a GiantLands theme park.

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