Prepare for a Hel of a Good Time in Ghostrunner


Project_Hel launches on Epic Games for $14.99! Prepare for a story expanding DLC for Ghostrunner featuring new enemies, levels, powers, music, and much more exciting Ghostrunner content.  The events in Project_Hel occur before all the action featured in the main Ghostrunner campaign. Project_Hel is more of a prequel to Ghostrunner and if you are new to Ghostrunner you can play Project_Hel before Ghostrunner.

The story of Project_Hel revolves around a combat android designed to shut down the rebellion threatening Mara’s control of Dharma Tower. However, Hel has her own goal to kill Mara for enslaving her and keeping her trapped by mental barriers that compel her to kill rebels. Hel is constantly looking for loopholes to break free from Mara’s control and reject her mission.

Hel is faster and more powerful than the standard GR-74 featured in the main Ghostrunner campaign. Hel does not have a Gap Jammer (grappling hook) and instead uses her superior jumping and dashing abilities to traverse through levels. Hel plays differently than a typical Ghostrunner and One More Level, the developer of Ghostrunner, designed an exciting new experience around Hel’s abilities. Hel introduced a new combat system known as Rage and this power provides her with many new abilities including a shield that can protect against fatal damage. In addition to the shield Hel can destroy shields, shoot energy waves, and much more.

Project_Hel features new enemies that help expand on the Ghostrunner lore and challenge the player in thrilling ways. The Rebellion will not go down easy and will challenge your attempt to stop them in their quest to free the citizens of Dharma Tower from the evil clutches of Mara. In Project_Hel you will face off against new bosses, mechs, and other futuristic cyberpunk themed challenges. Traversing the lower levels of Dharma Tower will be everything from humans with Jetpacks to shielded bots. You will need to adopt your playstyle to these new enemies and Hel abilities, but overall the player should feel far more powerful controlling Hel than the Ghostrunner.

Electronic musician Daniel Deluxe returns to provide Project_Hel with several new incredible songs to help you keep the blood lust pumping.

Ghostrunner is available now in the Epic Game Store for $29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99. Project_Hel launches for €14.99 / $14.99 / £12.49. For more information about Ghostrunner, including full language support, visit the official Ghostrunner website, Twitter, Facebook page, and Discord server.