Funny, Honest, and Raw: Peter McDonald’s Account of a Life in British Medicine

 Hooked Books is excited to announce the publication of A Doctor’s Aim: Memoir of a London Surgeon by Peter McDonald, available on Amazon as an e-book or at general retail in paperback (ISBN 978-1-8384269-2-7).

A Doctor’s Aim opens with a young man bleeding to death on an operating table. It ends with a moving personal account of how Covid-19 has changed a hospital, killing some of Peter’s colleagues and friends in its path.

Peter McDonald, a surgeon and writer with an interest in the bowels, recounts his long and extraordinary life in surgery in Britain and around the world. His stories are authentic and compelling. His humour is uplifting. His criticism of the world of medical management and medical politics is uncompromising.

The trials and tribulations of his patients are explored frankly but with great respect. Their courage and dignity are at the heart of what he values.

A Doctor’s Aim by Peter McDonald is a touching account of a half century in surgery, with the hilarity and heartbreak that are such big parts of a hospital doctor’s life.

Like books such as This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay, Did He Save Lives by David Sellu, and Do No Harm by Henry Marsh, A Doctor’s Aim is gripping to the end, and an enduring and accessible addition to the medical literature canon.

Hooked Books invites publications and critics to review A Doctor’s Aim. Contact us at if you wish to get a review copy. The book is available to order as an e-book and paperback at (UK) and (US).

Title: A Doctor’s Aim: Memoir of a London Surgeon

Author: Peter McDonald

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-8384269-2-7

E-book ASIN: B09C4KW5FK

Published: August 2021

Publisher: Hooked Books Ltd.

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