Weddings and Funerals: a New CD from Singer/Songwriter Brett Gadbois

 Brett Gadbois is a working musician living near Seattle. He has written over 400 songs. Here is a verse from Jim’s Grave, a song he wrote after visiting Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris.

We drank wine
On Jim’s grave
Had a good time
On Jim’s grave
Rock and roll will never die
It just might get buried alive…
In Jim’s grave

Brett’s path has been a serpentine one. He’s followed music wherever it led him. He started off playing saxophone in a western swing band, then clarinet in a jazz duet. He began to write songs at the piano. First, a trickle, then a torrent. He’s played in jug bands, bar bands, original bands, country bands and R&B bands. Performed in smoky bars, lounges, coffeehouses, rock clubs, street fairs, parks, parades, farmers markets, swanky birthday parties, halls, hotels, memory care facilities, auditoriums, and the Palace Theater in Los Angeles. He’s played for oldsters, toddlers, teenagers, hippies, bikers, moms, dads, rockers, off-their-rockers, dancers, doctors, dog-lovers, cat people, babies, lawyers and veterans.

Brett Gadbois


Lazy Boy Rocker

Lazy Boy Rocker

Lazy Boy Rocker was one of the first songs Brett wrote with his brother Nick. They modeled the main character after the drummer in their band. The man had a ponytail and a long, blonde-haired lover.

Lazy Boy Rocker


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