NEA Charitable Fundraising Services Can Now Accept Bitcoin for All Major Charities

NEA has broken the barrier and can now accept Charitable Donations for any 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. Donors simply donate to the NEA Donations Wallet and the funds are allocated to the 501(c)3 Charity of their choice.

With twenty-seven years in the Charitable Services Business, NEA saw the need to step up and deal with these new currencies and give Bitcoin Investors and opportunity to make a big difference.

All donors will receive a receipt for their taxable donations with the value of the Bitcoin donation converted to U.S. Dollars. They can then deduct their contributions up to the allowable IRS tax limits.

There are currently only two major charities that accept Bitcoin. For those Charites, NEA simply passes through the Bitcoin Donation directly to them. For all the other Charities the Bitcoin will go into a Charitable Holding Account, (NEA Charitable Foundations) until the Bitcoin can be exchanged for cash or goods and services that the Charity needs.

NEA charges a flat 3% Fee for their donation services and record keeping.