Nelson Fowlkes’ book “Overcoming Adversity: Resetting Goals” offers insightful strategies and tactics on how to change and deal with adversity in life

Nelson Fowlkes’ inspiring and captivating autobiography “Overcoming Adversity: Resetting Goals” (FriesenPress; 2019) tells the story of how Nelson overcame a splintered childhood, poverty, rejections, setbacks, and racism to pursue educational goals, and create a better livelihood for himself. The story begins with Nelson’s journey, which reveals the incredible dynamic techniques and tactics he used to achieve his aspirations and dreams in the face of ever-changing hurdles and setbacks in his life. Going back to his childhood dream and lifelong endeavor which was to acquire knowledge through education and travel.

But how could he when he has faced so many challenges in his life? And it was then that he realized, when he asked himself, he wanted to help others who are struggling to live a better life, and to do so, he uses his experience to help struggling young individuals (particularly high school and college graduates or those making their first debut into the workforce) battle and overcome life’s challenges, whether it is for their dreams, aspirations, or future.

And throughout the book, three positive aspects are highlighted to help anyone who faces obstacles in daily life. First is embracing opportunities for self-improvement. Second, never giving up on one’s goals and dreams, and lastly continuing to push, believe, and try to find a way even when things appear to be almost impossible. “Using strategies and tactics that will successfully deal with adverse situations on your journey and continue moving toward your goals and dreams,” Nelson added.

Furthermore, the book’s most important lesson is to keep faith, perseverance, and courage to fight for one’s dreams, even though things may not go as planned. Just like Nelson’s unwavering faith, perseverance, and internal fortitude that readers can’t help but feel inspired to achieve their long list of goals.

A hard-to-put-down book that teaches readers how to deal with adversity directly or follow alternative routes that would make their life better.

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