CAF President Dr Motsepe congratulates Morocco for world class Football Headquarters and encourages African Governments to partner with their National Football Associations to improve and develop football infrastructure in their countries


The CAF Executive Committee today visited and held its meeting in the newly built headquarters of the Fdration Royale Marocaine de Football (FRMF) in Rabat.

CAF President Dr Patrice Motsepe said: We would like to congratulate the Fdration Royale Marocaine de Football and our Brother Fouzi Lekjaa for their world class headquarters. We would also like to express our gratitude to His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Government and people of Morocco. The excellent headquarters that we visited today and the world class stadiums and football infrastructure in Morocco are good examples of the success and accomplishments that can be achieved through partnerships between our African Governments and our National Football Associations.

The Executive Committee appointed the following new members to the CAF Referees Committee:

-The President is Mr Hugues Alain Adjoyi from Benin and the Vice-President is Mr Victor Gomes from South Africa.

-The other members are:

oMrs Fatou Gaye from Senegal

oMr Dombouya Aboubacar from Guinea

oMr Ali Mohammed Ahmed from Somalia

oMrs Tesfanesh Woreta from Ethiopia

oMr Djamel Haimoudi from Algeria

oMr Hadqa Yahya from Morocco

oMr Olivier Safari Kabene from Democratic Republic of Congo

oMr Louzaya Ren Daniel from Congo

oMr Inacio Candido from Angola

oMrs Gladys Lengwe from Zambia

oMr Aminu Shantali Shuaibu from Nigeria

President Motsepe added: The integrity, independence and credibility of referees, match commissioners and VAR operators is crucial for the respect and growth of African football and we are confident that the newly appointed CAF Referees Committee members will contribute towards the growth and global competitiveness of football in Africa.

The Executive Committee also approved the cancellation of the additional second preliminary of the TotalEnergies CAF Confederation Cup.

This means that the 16 winning Clubs of the Second Preliminary round will qualify to the Group Stage of both the TotalEnergies CAF Champions League and the TotalEnergies CAF Confederation Cup 2023-2024 season.

Make Football Fairer – Temporary Timeout Card

Make Football Fairer – Temporary Timeout Card

London, UK, 17 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Football games have a tendency to be plagued by poor sportsmanship of the players, both towards each other, and towards the referee. This is because at the present that is often not enough fear of consequence – many referees refrain from giving players 2 yellow cards (equivalent to a red card) or a red card (sends players off the pitch) as they are hesitant to the disruption this may cause the game or feel that the crime doesn’t justify the punishment.

The pink card is the solution! In short, being dealt a pink card equates to a temporary expulsion from the game – or 15 minutes in the ‘sin bin’. This is a concept that is successfully used in several other team sports, including rugby and ice hockey. It has also been successfully trialled in some junior football matches. The addition of the pink card provides a platform that gives the referee the confidence to give penalties to players who commit a foul that shouldn’t necessarily result in their removal for the remainder of the game.

The new authority will deter players from disrespecting one another or the referee as without, they tend to think that the referee would hesitate to give a second yellow card for such offences, which is often the case.

Sign our petition for the addition of the pink card to football, sign for a fairer game for everyone!

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