April Fools’ Call: Dingtone Offers Free Way to Make Funny and Harmless Prank Calls

April Fool’s Day is approaching. As one of the most entertaining festivals of the year, April Fool’s Day gives people a reason to make fun of themselves and those around them and get away from an embarrassing or awkward situation. With creative April Fools’ Day pranks, it is also an excellent time for lovers, families and friends to bond and spend interesting time.

Dingtone, Inc, a leading VoIP provider and cloud-based virtual mobile communication operator, provides a list of top funny and harmless prank call ideas, with a special warning that it should be appropriately done to avoid hurting the person you’re calling:

• Pretend you are “Siri.”
• Make a survey call.
• Pretend you are dialing the wrong number, but you don’t know that.
• Pretend you are a calling service engineer.
• Make a phone call to your “victim” and tell the opposite side to stop calling you.

“We love to work hard keeping our users entertained since our ultimate mission is to help people live easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable.” Gavin, Marketing Director at Dingtone, said. “If you’ve got a friend or family member who’s inseparable from their device, these April Fools’ pranks with Dingtone will be a surefire hit. However, please understand and make efforts to make your prank calls funny and harmless.”

For more information on Dingtone or creative ways to celebrate April Fool’s Day, please visit http://dingtone.me/ .

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