D.L. Brazzell Flournoy Invites Readers to Ponder in her Anthology, “Mrs. Flournoy’s Collection of Quotes and Affirmations: Learning Life’s Lessons”

The anthology, as D.L. Brazzell Flournoy describes it, “provides a set of ingredients for making lemonade in a life sometimes filled with lemons.” It’s about applying the principles of successful leaders across history to our flawed society. This inspiring collection of quotations and affirmations searches for people who are dedicated to making the most of their time on this planet by being true to their identity, being generous with their abilities and gifts, and being open to the notion of constantly offering the version of themselves with love. It is also her goal to open up an avenue for every reader to become active thinkers pursuing the next great ideals.
Every quote and affirmation in this compilation compels the mind and the heart to explore beyond the norm. They inspire, provoke, engage, and encourage. D.L. Brazzell Flournoy, picked out the best quotes from notable people of different epochs, eras, nationalities, famous books, the scriptures, and people from all walks of life. Some of the most notable thinkers in her compilation are Socrates, Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, Eleonor Roosevelt, Oprah, and many more.
“I am inspired by quotes and affirmations, which make me believe others will be motivated by them as well,” she writes.
D.L. Brazzell Flournoy, is a high school English teacher who has published several books in the past as the author and co-author. She is the author of the books: “In the Company of Writers,” “Do Your Relationships Define You,” “A Matter of Grace,” and “Black Eyed Peas for the Woman’s Soul.” She is a fan of reading and writing, as well as playing basketball and tennis.
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Mrs. Flournoy’s Collection of Quotes and Affirmations: Learning Life’s Lessons
Author: Deborah Brazzell Flournoy
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: October 2021
Book Genre: Self-Help › Personal Transformation
About the Author:
D. L. Brazzell Flournoy is a high school English language arts teacher who resides in Detroit with her husband, children, and pets. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing basketball and tennis with her family. Her other published works include an anthology of poems and short stories in which she was co-author, titled In the Company of Writers,” “Do Your Relationships Define You,” (Black Male Magazine), and “Black Eyed Peas for the Woman’s Soul,” a collection of essays and poems.
Publisher’s website: http://sbprabooks.com/DLBrazzellFlournoy