A Filling Dish Made of Healthy Greens, and Insightful Thoughts

According to the Oxford Dictionary of Food and Drink in America, the Roman Empire popularized mankind’s finest vegetable creation. It began as a salad of raw leafy vegetables dressed in a salty, oily dressing. Salads have evolved in sophistication over time, as shown by the amazing variety at your local supermarket. However, Jeanne Heiberg found a unique and exciting way to serve up your salad. In a tasteful union of food for thought and heartwarming recipes, she nourishes both soul and body in her book, “Contemplation and the Art of Saladmaking.”
“Contemplation and the Art of Saladmaking” is a book full of humor, philosophy, food, and celebration. It helps add beauty, sense, and significance to our lives by mixing fresh thoughts and spiritual wisdom. Heiberg discusses the psychological benefits of cooking and consuming healthy food, and she proposes the idea of salad as a handcrafted item in a world where food can be processed by machines. Each segment begins with a thought or story about a particular theme or idea, then progresses to a meditative treatment of one salad ingredient before presenting the recipe. Food for the body becomes part of a larger picture that includes food for the body, mind, soul, and spirit.
The book is rich in wisdom and will send every soul to a state of pondering. Heiberg’s affinity with art is also on display in her playful and fun writing style. It will excite the reader’s taste buds as well as their mind and heart as her words provoke thoughts and ideas.
Explore the sophisticated and exciting art of salad making. Delight your heart and your soul in the delectable recipes brought about by the union of healthy greens and insightful thoughts. Capture the wisdom within and prepare to see life and food from a different perspective.
Book available at: https://youronlinepublicist.com/product/contemplation-and-the-art-of-saladmaking-by-jeanne-heiberg/
Contemplation and the Art of Saladmaking
Author: Jeanne Heiberg
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: April 2021
Genre: Philosophy, Spiritual, Self-Help, and Cookbook
Target Audience: General audience
About the Author
Jeanne Heiberg grew up in Brooklyn, not far from Cooper Union Art school in Manhattan where she studied art, then went on to Religious Studies at Grailville Community College, Loveland, Ohio. She continued at The California College of the Arts in Oakland to earn an MFA. She has taught all ages, pre-K through college and seniors.
Besides teaching at Holy Names College, CA, and Trenton State College, NJ, Jeanne worked for a dropout prevention program in Newark, NJ, teaching reading, and creative writing through art. After years of work in education and publishing, she moved to upstate New York, where she gives art and writing workshops that help others develop their gifts. Teaching encourages her to continually learn and hone her own gifts as she receives ongoing inspiration from the work and spirit of her students.
For Jeanne and many of her fellow artists, study and interest in the life of the Spirit includes all religions and cultures East and West, as well as arts and expressions that nurture the human spirit, raise consciousness and contribute to the joy of life.