Extensively Published Author Angela Deese Presents the 20th book in her Resume that Will Restore the Reader’s Identity as Children of God


Dementia is a term used for diseases that affect the cognitive functions of the brain. The most common symptoms of dementia are memory loss, poor judgment, confusion, difficulty speaking, understanding, expressing thoughts, reading and writing, wandering and getting lost in a familiar neighborhood, and many more.

Angela’s mother has dementia. One night, while visiting her mom, Angela was awoken from sleep by a knock on her door. When she opened the door, it was her mother. She asked: “Are you my daughter?” Angela knew right away that God was commissioning her to write another book.

“Are You My Daughter?” is a milestone book for Angela. It is the twentieth book in her extensive career as an author. The book offers reconciliation to readers who are losing their identity. She encourages everyone to continue fighting the good fight of faith and never let go of the birthright we have acquired through Jesus Christ. She presents narratives coupled with verses that practically sum up every experience she recounts in the book. Her recollections remind us that our innate tendencies to fail do not disqualify us from being sons and daughters of God. The journal section allows an interactive experience for readers. They can write down their thoughts and how they relate to the narrative. Angela also enforces the essentiality of continuously loving our parents, especially when they go through life-altering diseases.

The book and its multifaceted message will sure tug at any reader’s heart.

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“Are You My Daughter?”

Author: Angela Deese

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: June 2022

Book Genre: Memoir, Christian Book

About the Author:

Angela Deese is a Christian author that will inspire you in your own walk with Jesus Christ. She has an honest approach and is fully transparent in her writing. She believes that if you fully expose the lies of Satan that you will gain the freedom in your own walk with Christ.

She will captivate you with the stories that you can relate to personally in your own life. She brings her real life into the stories that bring faith and truth to the reader.

Angela is a mother of three grown children and eight grandchildren. She lives in Georgia with her family close by. She began writing as the Lord began to heal her from the bondage of past hurts that occurred in her life.

Angela has a way of bringing scripture to life and allowing it to heal the broken hearted. She never wants anyone to feel alone in their journey.

Angela is an author of twenty-five books in which fourteen are now published. You will love Angela’s style of writing as you will relate your own life to her journey.

As a mother and grandmother, you will find out how Angela has handled trials and tribulations in her books.