Kaliopi Matheakis of PR Hair Extensions Will Showcase at New York Fashion Week Highlighting the Artistry of Hair Extensions at Sony Hall Powered by Runway 7 Fashion

 Kaliopi Matheakis, the owner of PR Hair Extensions Salon and innovator in the craft is bringing her artistry to the hair styles of Sony Hall Powered by Runway 7 Fashion during New York Fashion Week (NYFW), February 10 at 1:00 PM through February 12, 2022.

Kaliopi Matheakis and the PR Hair Extensions professionals from Long Island City, NY will be joining the fashion designers, makeup artists and hair stylists in the dressing rooms at NYFW. Hair extensions will highlight and enhance the opulence of the featured hairstyles as well as highlight their benefits.

The stress of the pandemic has contributed to an increase in telogen effluvium, a recognized medical condition causing hair roots to be pushed into a resting state. During this premature resting state, more hair than normal is shed. Telogen effluvium is usually the result of a shock, illness or stress.

Since the beginnings of the pandemic, dermatologists are seeing an exponential rise in the cases of telogen effluvium. Dr. Miriam Casal, the founder of Pelviva, an aesthetic dermatology center, and other medical professionals are noting a 400% rise in patients presenting with telogen effluvium.

As a practicing expert in fashionable hair extension applications, Ms. Matheakis became aware of telogen effluvium while studying dermatology and cosmetology in Greece. She notes that, “It is normal to lose one hundred hairs a day during a healthy growth cycle. The manifestation of telogen effluvium triples that number to about three hundred hairs a day. It quickly leads to a thinning scalp and bare spots. The proper use of hair extensions offers women a solution to this temporary problem.”

Kaliopi Matheakis will be using her innovative hair extension artistry at NYFW to enhance hairstyles as well as add volume for any model who is suffering from stress related hair thinning. Runway models are not immune to stress related hair loss. To help them look their best for this important reopening of NYFW, the PR Hair Extensions Salon team, under the direction of Ms. Matheakis, will be on hand to expertly apply hair extensions as beauty additions and to treat the effects of telogen effluvium.

Kaliopi Matheakis is committed to lending her talents to make every model on the runways of NYFW look and feel their best. “Shedding hair because of telogen effluvium adds more anxiety to an already stress induced condition. By applying 100% natural human hair extensions, I hope to instantly improve the outlook, confidence, and self-esteem of the models with thinning hair as well as adding a creative flair to all others. I am looking forward to working with the variety of models and hairstyles at NYFW.”

Sony Hall is located at 235 West 46th Street, New York, NY.

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Hair Extensions of Houston Introduces the Low-Level Light Therapy in Association with iGrow System

Hair Extensions of Houston is a full-service salon for hair extension installation, maintenance, coloring and styling services. It’s known to be one of the top most leading hair extension salons in Houston, TX. The brand has recently launched its hair restoration treatment together with iGrow – a hair growth system that counters hair thinning problems.

iGrow has put to use advanced cosmetic lasers, known as low-level light therapy, for a painless and non-invasive treatment to reveal a fuller head of hair. The treatment has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective. The treatment is conducted with fifty laser diodes insight aligned in a laser hood to distribute therapeutic light on the scalp and hair from all angles. It, in turn, further energizes the rapidly growing hair cells within the body for polishing up the hair texture. Alongside this, they offer supplements for added support to the low-level light therapy.

An expert cosmetologist, regarding the success of the treatment, stated, “iGrow is a hands-free treatment that deploys a helmet to set on the patient’s head for 30-minute laser sessions that are to be conducted twice a week for notable, improved changes in hair quality. Overall, the program can expand anywhere between 6 to 12 months or until your hair has achieved its maximum capability for improvement. Patients have experienced as much as 35 percent of hair growth alongside the long-term retention against hair loss or hair thinning.”

Hair Extension of Houston is currently offering free consultation for micro-video examination of the scalp to determine whether an individual is a suitable candidate for the hair growth system. The salon also offers the safest installation, maintenance, coloring, and styling of custom-blended hair extensions. For more information or to book an appointment, refer to their official website.

About The Company
Hair Extensions of Houston is a full-service hair salon in Spring known for its use of the safest hair extensions, methods for installation, maintenance, coloring, and styling services to give off a custom blended hair extensions look. In addition to hair extensions, they provide salon services, products, and hair restoration in Houston, Texas.

Contact Information
Phone number: (832) 717-3626
Address: 5513 Louetta Road, Suite #A, Spring, TX 77379
Hours: Tuesday (9:30am to 7pm), Wednesday (9:30am to 6pm), Thursday (9:30am to 7pm), Friday (9:30 am to 6pm), and Saturday (9:30am to 4pm)
Website: https://www.hairextensionsofhouston.com/