Evolv Business Development Center is Using Innovation to Transform Small Business

 Evolv Business Development Center is proud to launch its non-profit specifically targeted at organizations who want a distinct competitive advantage in uncertain times.

One of the gaps in having this competitive advantage is the ability of a small business owner to really understand how to drive value for the marketplace. Evolv utilizes proven systems and processes which allow the business to not only survive, but thrive in uncertain times.

The pandemic was a Black Swan event in which the business world neither saw coming nor were prepared for. Because of the tremendous impact to small business, there was a need to provide proven solutions that would mitigate the risk of failure and accelerate transformation.

During the onslaught of COVID-19, the business landscape changed throughout the year as businesses went through layoffs, priority changes and closings. The art of pivoting is invaluable. The small business owner needs to have the ability to pivot and find a solution at any given scenario.

Evolv Business Development Center’s mission is to assist business owners in creating a sustainable foundation that will protect them from circumstances out of their control. Traditionally business development centers offer segmented training to address a specific need. In contrast, Evolv offers a holistic approach to help businesses dominate the communities in which they serve.

Evolv offers cutting-edge innovation, profit acceleration and operational excellence training to micro and small businesses throughout the country, both in-person and virtual. The organization assists with changing the brick and mortar model to a tribrid model (i.e. the blending and leveraging of digital, e-commerce and traditional brick and mortar), causing them to transition into a more futuristic business model.

EVOLV Business Development Center

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