EngageVE Announces Release of an All-in-One Virtual and Hybrid Events Solution: TurnKeyVE

 The innovative virtual and hybrid events company EngageVE publicly announced the release of its new virtual event turnkey solution – TurnKeyVE. TurnKeyVE makes it easy and affordable for companies to create and host their own 3D immersive virtual events. Users choose from several stylish venue templates and follow a step-by-step process to add content and customize the experience to meet their needs and objectives.

“After years of development and refinement, we are excited to bring TurnKeyVE to our partners and clients. TurnKeyVE has everything that people love about EngageVE’s virtual events but is quicker, more affordable, and easier to execute.” – Tom Munz, CEO

The solution’s base package offers many powerful features, including:

– A choice of virtual event venue.

– Graphics templates to fully customize graphics throughout the selected environment.

– A robust and user-friendly content management system (CMS). Use the CMS to control attendee lists, create agendas, send push notifications, add interactive content, and process analytics.

– 1-on-1 chat features.

– Digital business card exchanges and individualized attendee profiles to share and collect contact information.

– A customized URL for your event (yourcompany.engageve.com).

– A dedicated project manager to guide you throughout the entire process.

For those companies that require more advanced features or wish to wow their audience, TurnKeyVE offers optional virtual event add-ons such as:

– Pre-event landing page. Users can create a branded page with a countdown clock, event graphics, and more.

– Registration tracking and analytics. Manage guests registered for your event and collect data to improve your analytics.

– Advanced networking features. Provide your guests with more opportunities to connect through group chat, exhibitor chat, and video conferencing.

– 2.5d expo hall. Add virtual event booths and exhibitors to promote products or services, or highlight your company’s sponsors and partners.

– Gamification. Increase engagement with entertainment modules, such as swag stores or game arcades.

EngageVE also offers custom virtual and hybrid event solutions. The company has helped countless brands to expand their reach and stay connected during the pandemic. With TurnKeyVE, more companies than ever have opportunities to create immersive and memorable virtual events that rival those of the largest companies in the world.


Laurie Graves





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