Elize Aunahn Memorial Brainfuse Scholarship 2022 Winners

NEW YORKJune 16, 2022PRLog — To assist as many students as possible, Brainfuse has selected four scholarship winners and three additional Brainfuse Scholarship Finalists.  The following is a profile of the four winners of the 2022 Elize Aunahn Memorial Brainfuse Scholarship awards:

The first prize recipient of the Brainfuse Elize Aunahn Memorial Scholarship, Peyton Lee, represents an uncommon combination of determination, perseverance, academic achievement, leadership ability, volunteer contributions, and personal success. Ms. Lee was identified as homeless for most of her childhood, relying on friends for room and board.  Despite growing up in extremely adverse circumstances, she has achieved tremendous academic success, while participating in numerous extracurricular activities.  Our first-place winner, Ms. Lee, ranks 11th in a graduating class of 259 students (with a 4.625 GPA) at North Lincoln High School, at Lincolnton, North Carolina, plays volleyball, and contributes to service projects in her community.  She also volunteers and works at the local YMCA and participates in numerous clubs including the Student Government Association, Beta Club, National Honor Society, Habitat for Humanity, Health Occupation Service Association, and Lincoln County Student Advisory Council.  This highly impressive candidate will attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Yahreia Peeler, the second winner of the Brainfuse Elize Aunahn Memorial Scholarship, has achieved great success despite facing countless obstacles throughout her life.  Ms. Peeler has had to overcome housing insecurity while participating in many extracurricular activities and excelling in her schoolwork.  Our second scholarship winner is a four-sport athlete, excelling in volleyball, basketball, softball, and track and field.  She has participated in community service projects by volunteering at Bank of America Stadium fundraisers, tutoring during school, working at the local farmer’s market, and serving at the YMCA. Additionally, she has been involved in the Black Student Union, Beta Club, Career and Technical Honor Society, and National Honor Society, while maintaining a 4.4 GPA.  Ms. Peeler, a participant in a Brainfuse tutoring program through Cleveland Community College, will attend Louisiana State University this fall.

Our third scholarship recipient, Merlandie Pierre has experienced homelessness, the passing of her father, and acclimation to life in a new country.  A participant in Brainfuse tutoring through Holyoke Public Library, Ms. Pierre will attend the University of Massachusetts Boston.  She has maintained excellent grades, while volunteering as a coach for the local Boys and Girls Club, serving as a tour guide at her high school, and holding leadership roles on her soccer and basketball teams.  Overcoming the challenges of living in a homeless shelter, Ms. Pierre has had to learn English and assist in raising her five siblings.

The fourth recipient of the Brainfuse Elize Aunahn Memorial Scholarship demonstrates serious financial need, a strong work ethic, valuable work experience, significant volunteer and community activities, extracurricular involvement, and outstanding personal characteristics.  An emancipated minor, this student has been forced to live on her own and will be 100% responsible for funding the entirety of his/her college education.  This winner has displayed a passion for creative arts, developed a teen painting club, and led library programs.  Additionally, he/she has served as Vice President of the Key Club, participated as a member of her school’s swimming team, and completed an internship with Lockheed Martin.  Our fourth recipient will study Computer Science at Minerva University, in San Francisco, California.

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