Educators Embrace, a New AI Platform That Blends Traditional Teaching with chatGPT While Offering Safety and Integrity

 Just in time for back-to-school, unveiled a preview of their comprehensive solution to address the growing concerns of schools and educators about adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) while ensuring safety, ethics, and academic integrity. A limited preview (beta) brought in thousands of teachers from 350+ schools seeking out tools to help them in the classrooms., a pioneering platform in the EdTech industry, is committed to providing these educators with the tools they need to harness the power of AI while maintaining the highest standards of student well-being and academic honesty.

AI has tremendous potential to revolutionize the educational landscape, enhancing learning experiences and enabling personalized instruction. However, many educators have expressed reservations about implementing AI due to concerns about safety, data privacy, and potential cheating. recognizes these concerns and has developed an innovative platform that prioritizes ethical AI use and safeguards against unwanted consequences.

“At, we understand that embracing AI in education requires a delicate balance between innovation and responsibility,” said Ian Barkley, Founder and CEO of “We are thrilled to introduce a platform that not only empowers educators with AI-driven tools but also ensures a safe and secure learning environment for students.”

Key Features of
• Ethical AI Usage: is equipped with AI moderation capabilities, allowing educators to monitor and guide student interactions with the AI. This ensures that students use AI in ways that align with ethical guidelines and educational objectives.

• Customizable AI Bots: Educators can create and train AI bots to fit their unique curriculum and teaching style. This customization enhances the learning experience, encourages engagement, and reduces the risk of cheating.

• Safe Content Augmentation: enriches learning materials with curated content such as videos, links, and worksheets, enhancing the quality of education without compromising safety or integrity.

• Integrated Academic Integrity: The platform offers prebuilt prompt suggestions that align with academic standards, reducing the need for students to come up with prompts and mitigating the risk of unintentional plagiarism. is not only a solution to concerns surrounding AI in education but also a catalyst for embracing innovation. It empowers educators to integrate AI seamlessly into their teaching strategies, creating a transformative learning experience for students while upholding educational values.

As schools and districts continue to navigate the digital landscape, stands as a beacon of responsible AI integration in education. With a commitment to elevating education through technology, redefines what’s possible in the classroom.
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