Betty Dudney Spreads the Word on Prophecy of Equality


‘Equality Balancing is balancing our self-centeredness to universal God Consciousness.’

This is one of the main points you can find in Betty Dudney’s “Blessed Within: Prophecy of Equality and Plagues of Inequality,” an excellent work about discrimination on women in the religious setting, how it affects the world, and putting an end to it. Loving yourself and others by not allowing evil to control our world by Inequality

Raised in a loving Christian home, Betty Dudney has seen the evil caused by inequality. She spent almost half of her life sometimes in doubt but 25 years later, she asked for surety of Truth and heard plainly one word: Equality. That is the moment she decided to take on the challenge of advocating for equality in all aspects— in race, sex, age, and mainly, in Christianity. In her well thought out piece of work, she talks about the eradication of the female half of God’s image which has led to creating the male idolatry, patriarchal languages, and male-dominated industries.

Betty Dudney expressed her aversion to the concept of ‘Might can make right’. She believes that inequality between men and women is what brought us to wars, especially by those who only cares primarily about profit, control, and power. As an advocate for peace, she also believes that the only way to achieve it is by not supporting inequality, discrimination, and unfairness. Cooperation and a collective mindset against those negative issues that continues to plague the world today is the real key to breaking barriers.

Inequality breeds chaos of all kinds. So Christian or not, Dudney emphasizes that change should first come from within— in all of us.

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“Blessed Within: Viral Plagues of Inequality”

Author: Betty C Dudney

Publisher: WestBow Press

Published Date: November 4, 2020

Book Genre: Christian Books & Bibles, Christian Living

About the Author

As a Medical Technologist while living on Kauai Island found evidence of DNA changes of corn and rice food seeds being experimented by several large Corporate farms to make GMO changes to world’s food supply. The natural food seeds being sterilized with GMO’s by toxic and carcinogenic chemicals to create new seeds for profits that also sterilize Organic seeds when grown in near by fields.

Also witnessed in Rome three times, to last three Popes since 1985 for “Equality”, to end discrimination in the Church for the female half of God’s Image, Then studied seven months in the Holy Land for the original meaning of God, that has been translated to patriarchal languages such as English, as just “Father”.In the Hebrew and the Aramaic language used in Jesus time, “ABBA” meant “Heavenly Parent” and included both Father/Mother Nature of God.