War and Drama from the Eyes of Those Involved

History has an interesting way of forgetting itself, along with those who fought in the bloody conflicts of yesteryears. With phrases like “history is written by the victors” going about as a new line of thinking should be focused on, where “history should be written by the survivors” of each conflict as they are the ones who had lived through and experienced the entire ordeal.

“IVY Yankee Sweetheart, Rebel Nurse,” Larry Morgan’s most recent work, is a love story weaved into the fabric of American history, taking inspiration from real-life events along with information collected from letters sent from soldiers on the battlefield to their loved ones. The story itself focuses on a blooming love triangle between a girl named Ivy and two officers from opposing sides of the civil war.

“But how? How was it possible? The locket! Had the locket deflected the deadly bullet so it had only wounded Seth?” A scene from the book that keeps readers excited for the events that will transpire, a great cliff-hanger.
IVY Yankee Sweetheart, Rebel Nurse: Part 1
Written by: Larry G. Morgan
Paperback: $9.95
Kindle: $5.99

Copies of the first chapter of this outstanding series are available on Amazon, GoToPublish, and other online book retailers. Grab a copy of this unique rendition on historical drama and be compelled to follow the journey of the characters as they find love and meaning through hardships.
About the Author
Larry G. Morgan graduated from High Point College in 1966, his book Ivy won an award from the North Society of Historians in 2012.  Writing is his preferred pastime.