Catch Dirdura Wynn, Author of Children’s Book “The Very Hungry Bear,” at the LA Times Festival of Books

Publisher | Xlibris

Book retail price | $2.99-$11.61


Author Bio


Dirdura Wynn is an early childhood educator, writer, published author, and bible class teacher. As an educator, she demonstrates a vested interest in children’s growth and development. She provides children with the tools they need to make conscious and informed choices by building their executive functions. Ms. Wynn offers extended tools to children and their families in their home environment. She also operates a home-based child care, Wynn’s Child Care.


Ms. Wynn has been writing for over 20 years. She is eager to grow in her abilities as a writer and author. She has published two books so far and has written short stories and poems for families to enjoy. She got her start by writing poems that revolve around life’s struggles and spiritual confidence. As a bible class teacher, she has also written several bible class songs. She started writing children’s fables in the past years, first for an assignment and now as an author.


Ms. Wynn is married to David Wynn and they have six children. They reside in Mesquite, TX. They attend Greenville Avenue Church of Christ in Richardson, TX.