Dr. Dawn DiRaimondo shares insights on Surviving Sibling Loss in her impactful book

The book reaches out to people who lost siblings through war, suicide, cancer, homicide, accidents, and other unfortunate incidents.

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There are not many books written about sibling loss, especially by someone who is also a therapist or psychologist. Dr. Dawn DiRaimondo was already a clinical psychologist when she lost her brother, a flight medic deployed in Iraq, in 2004. She found only one book written about sibling loss and became disappointed that there wasn’t much written about the topic, so she wrote “Surviving Sibling Loss: The Invisible Thread That Connects Us Through Life & Death” (Outskirts Press; 2020) – a book she wished she had then to process the grief of her brother.


“Surviving Sibling Loss” aims to create awareness among readers that there is no other loss in adult life that is often the most neglected than the death of an adult sibling. Adults often feel abandoned when they lose a sibling, as the sympathy always goes to their parents or the deceased’s spouse and children.


“I needed to write this book,” said Dr. DiRaimondo. “Siblings often feel lost in the grief process, as most of the focus and support, including their own, is geared towards their parents. The significance of what it feels like to go through life without one’s brother and/or sister is vastly unknown to others. Many people, including myself, report feeling like a part of them has died too after losing a sibling and have no idea how to process that level of grief.”


“Surviving Sibling Loss” interweaves both Dr. DiRaimondo’s personal and professional experience with sibling loss. She discusses common myths and beliefs about how grief works and the actual experience and shares the perspectives of fourteen individuals she interviewed who also lost siblings. She also shares ideas on how one can honor their sibling/s and navigate through their birthdays, holidays, and other difficult days. She also includes insights and information for therapists and clinicians who may not have gone through significant loss yet themselves.


“My goal is to help normalize reactions, symptoms, and experiences as well as provide hope and ideas on how to learn to live with the painful loss of a sibling.”


Dr. Dawn DiRaimondo’s “Surviving Sibling Loss: The Invisible Thread That Connects Us Through Life & Death” is available at Amazon.


To know more about the author’s work, please visit her website https://drdawndiraimondo.com/


“Surviving Sibling Loss” will be publicly displayed at the exhibit that self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet will put up at the 2022 Tucson Festival of Books on March 12-13, 2022, at the University of Arizona Mall, Tucson, AZ.



Surviving Sibling Loss: The Invisible Thread That Connects Us Through Life & Death

Author | Dr. Dawn DiRaimondo

Published date | November 15, 2020

Publisher | Outskirts Press

Book retail price | $12.99 paperback; $29.95 hardcover; $9.99 Kindle; $5.99 Audible


Author Bio


Dawn DiRaimondo, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist in Sacramento, California where she lives with her husband and two children. Dr. DiRaimondo has a private practice specializing in working with people with grief and loss, depression, anxiety and relationship issues. She has over twenty years of experience working with adolescents, young adults and adults.