The Detail Guys Maryland Are Now Doing Mulching Services In Baltimore And Harford Counties

Josh and Steve arrived on time. They were very professional and took pride in their work. We hired them to lay mulch and it looks outstanding.

The Detail Guys Maryland are providing mulching services to accomplish two tasks, first, to enhance the beauty of the garden and landscape. Second, to prevent weeds. Mulch can be of two types–organic and inorganic.

Organic mulch is proven to be beneficial for flowerbeds or gardens. There are many benefits of mulch and organic mulch is most popular because it can also act as a fertilizer.

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Benefits of Mulching Services

In addition to keeping the weeds out, mulch can also act as an insulator to regulate the temperature as well as add moisture of the soil. Extreme outside temperatures can damage plants, so mulch acts as an insulator and covers the plants thus maintaining the ideal soil temperature.

The same is also true in the case of moisture level. Throughout the whole year, gardens encounter seasons that produce large precipitation. Mulch helps to keep the moisture level at just the right amount during the times of less precipitation thus, protecting the soil from runoff in case of heavy rain.

Heavy rainfall can also cause soil erosion which is also prevented with the help of mulch. When it rains, it creates muddy puddles, and the mud starts to come into the home. This can also be prevented with the help of mulch.

Organic mulch can also provide nutrients to the plants when mulch gets decomposed. Mulch can also help to keep the seeds in the soil. Due to heavy rain, seeds can wash away with the rain, but mulch keeps them anchored in the ground.

There are also certain types of mulch that can prevent bugs from coming into the garden, as well as the home. Organic mulch is extremely popular due to this ability.

Looking for something to pump up the look of flower beds? Look no further! Inorganic mulch is all about making the garden or landscape beautiful. Inorganic mulch includes plastic, rubber and other materials such as rocks that can provide a unique look to the garden. Not only does it look great, but inorganic mulch also lasts longer than organic mulch.

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Mulching not only is best completed by a professional, but it is also time consuming, but The Detail Guys are always there to help. The Detail Guys are performing several services and to utilize any of their service.

The Detail Guys provide mulching and landscaping for residential homes, as well as commercial buildings. Landscaping and mulching services on commercial properties can really enhance the beauty of the business and give it a fresh, head-turning look.

Types Of Mulch

There are two basic types of mulch–organic and inorganic.
Organic Mulch Includes:

  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings
  • Peat Moss
  • Wood chips
  • Bark chips
  • Straw mulch
  • Pine straw
  • Biodegradable mulch
  • Cardboard / newspaper

Inorganic or synthetic mulch includes:

  • Polypropylene
  • Carpet
  • Colored mulch
  • Anaerobic (sour) mulch
  • Groundcovers (living mulches)

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These services are only available in Baltimore and Harford Counties, so people living in Abington, Maryland, Bel Air, Maryland and Forest Hill, Maryland can take advantage of these services.

These services can really transform residential and commercial space! To see the before and after pictures of jobs completed by The Detail Guys, visit