Sabije Dervishi Veseli Treads the Line Between Life and Death to Paint the Power of Love

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Can love conquer the chasm between life and death? Sabije Dervishi Veseli scintillates readers with a story that captures the stark portrait of love shared by the dead and the living. Veseli presents: “Why Did You Fall in Love With Me?”

“Why Did You Fall in Love With Me?” is a story that transcends life and death through a peculiar relationship between the living and the dead. A girl beseeched the wandering ghost of a military soldier who lately lived on her frontyard and would soon possess her being – intimately, bizarrely, and unnaturally. The enigmatic, provocative officer–a man away from home–soon inhabits the thoughts, spirit, and body of the young woman who is the complete opposite of himself. The eventual affection shared by the man and the woman presents an intriguing, compelling, and loving attraction despite their differences. They set out to overcome the horrifying yet dreamlike encounters in their exploration of the icy netherworld that separates the living and the dead. Because of the difference between their languages, cultures, faiths, and worlds, the lovestruck pair must overcome adversities with love and oneness.

Sabije Dervishi Veseli excites fans of romance and thriller with this unique book that sees love in different facets. Witness as the pair explore and learn to embrace their differences. Can love conquer the chasm between life and death?

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“Why Did You Fall in Love With Me?”

Author: Sabije Dervishi

Publisher: Lion Leaf Publishing