Deeva Denez’s Series Begins with an Introduction to a Tale of Faith and Survival, in her Book “Uncaged”

Marriage is a sacred union of two souls brought together by love, as designed by God. A husband and wife should support and cherish each other in good times and bad. Their main goal should be to establish a household that honors and worships God. However, in some cases, the vows and pledges of a life lived together in love become a prison. It mires the individual like a snared sparrow, making it impossible for them to break free and fly again.
Vanessa Alisha Grant’s life is like this, and we’ll follow the journey of her wounded heart and its repair in the book “Uncaged: A Tale of Faith and Survival” written by Deeva Denez. We will follow Vanessa on her journey through suffering, redemption, and restoration.
In this series-opener, Denez dives into the different stages of marriage. She narrates the story of a lady torn between honoring her vows and breaking out of a cage. Vanessa, the protagonist, represents some of society’s female victims of adultery, physical, emotional, and psychological abuse.
Will she be able to fight her way out? Will her trust in herself and God be enough to keep her going? Or would she be imprisoned in a marriage rife with deception?
“Uncaged” is the first book of a trilogy that explores the perils of broken marriages. Denez will take her readers on a fascinating story that blends fiction, comedy, and tragic reality to perfection. In the novel, there is also a contrast between a cheerful and a profound emotional tone. The finest part, though, is the central theme: faith-based survival.
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Uncaged: A Story of Faith and Survival
Author: Deeva Denez
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: April 2021
Book Genre: Autobiography, Christian Books & Bibles
About the Author:
Deeva Denez, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, the second of three siblings. In 1977, she graduated from Georgia State University with a B.S. Degree in Medical Technology. She has been a medical technologist since 1977, but started her writing career in 1995 with the novel, “Uncaged.”

“Uncaged” is the first of a three book series about her life. The second novel, “The Bearer of the Sign” is a continuation of “Uncaged.” The third book, “The Image–A Prophetic Birth” completes the trilogy. Because of her writing experience and desire to help other writers, she formed The Literary Connection. The Literary Connection was an independent publisher servicing authors with the desire to tell their story.