Decisive Capital, Inc. Launches with No Bureaucracy, No BS Approach to Investing in Service and Emerging Tech Companies

 Founded by Britt Schwartz and Bob Dziewulski, Decisive Capital, Inc., is an equity investment firm that takes active ownership roles through investments in professional service and emerging tech companies. Its mission is to partner with owners who dare to double down on their visions and are ready to lean into scaling their organizations through sophisticated business practices while protecting their companies’ souls.

Created in December of 2021, while sitting at the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Fletcher, North Carolina, Decisive Capital is not another soulless corporate investment entity. Instead, its creation is a statement about its founders’ beliefs. Recognizing the prevailing wisdom founders draw from when scaling was born during the industrial revolution, Decisive Capital is deliberately different, but not for just being different. Now, high-growth businesses require fostering creativity, curiosity, and autonomy that is too often diminished or eradicated by archaic approaches.

Bob and Britt believe that high-profit business growth can be achieved authentically by being more human. And that authenticity in an organization is achieved by replacing mechanized and one-dimensional processes with progressive frameworks that exist solely to support results driven by human connection and individual autonomy.

With his master’s in public administration and management, bachelor’s in philosophy, and Juris doctorate, Bob is not only a licensed attorney, but he is also a principal member of over ten companies with roles ranging from back-of-the-napkin founder to equity and debt investor. He has also raised capital, enabled acquisitions, and made personal investments in those companies. Bob’s expertise spans multiple verticals, including technology, construction, law, and property investment.

“Our partnership is bonded by the shared belief that business should be conducted with greater authenticity. We enjoy questioning conventional wisdom or dismantling traditional structures, then taking creative approaches for practical business outcomes, ultimately resulting in bold and decisive organizational change,” says Bob, president of Decisive Capital.

“Individually, we have always bristled and sometimes rebelled in response to more traditional, authoritative corporate structures. Together, we strive to create work environments that value individuality, creativity, and a genuine sense of teamwork. Many leaders turn to lip service alone but fail to recognize that their management structure stifles curiosity and our innate desire to create value. We are committed to healthier work environments that improve business outcomes.”

Britt is the founder and CEO of BS+Co Consulting, Inc. BS+Co. has grown from a single-person operation to an 11-person marketing and business firm, sustaining triple-digit growth yearly. BS+Co. serves highly-regulated industries, including cybersecurity, high-tech, manufacturing, aviation, and DoD-adjacent technology.

“As excited as I am to see the growth of BS+Co., nothing is more satisfying than to witness others taking up the challenge to create a space that hasn’t existed before,” says Britt, CEO of Decisive Capital.

“Looking toward the future, I am excited to partner with founders like myself; I want to hear their goals and put the full force of Decisive Capital behind them to further their visions.”

With their shared belief that 3 A.M. is an entirely reasonable time to start your workday, radically opposing views on the cultural value of Ed Sheeran, unaligned opinions on the consumable bitterness of a beer, and, ultimately, their shared desire to create something different for the better, Britt and Bob are committed to removing the bureaucracy and BS that stands in the way of what business can be.

To learn more about becoming involved with Decisive Capital as either an investor or to apply to become a Decisive Company, visit or contact Bob Dziewulski at

About Decisive Capital, Inc.

Founded in 2021 by Britt Schwartz and Bob Dziewulski, Decisive Capital is an equity investment firm with offices in Knoxville and Manhattan. Britt and Bob, through Decisive Capital, take active equity positions within professional service and emerging technology companies offering the insights, strategies, and outcomes they’ve successfully driven for companies prior. They have requested that it be noted that they are not a hands-off PE or a demanding investment bank – instead, it is their deep desire to help owners realize the fullest potential of their visions.

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