Erick DeBanff Unlocks Limitless Possibilities with “Vie Max: How to Live the Next 2 Billion Heart Beats of Your Life”


Are you looking for a way to live life to the fullest? Vie Max: How to Live the Next 2 Billion Heart Beats of Your Life, by Erick DeBanff, is the perfect guide to unlock the potential of your life. This revolutionary book offers readers a cutting-edge and mystic approach to living each day to its fullest.

Vie Max provides an in-depth look at how to transform everyday longings into accomplishments and achieved dreams. Through powerful and mystical techniques, Vie Max breaks down the barriers of negativity and limitations that can often hold us back in life. With the assistance of this book, readers can gain the courage and insight to live life to the max.

Erick DeBanff, the author of Vie Max, is no stranger to the power of positive thinking. For more than 20 years, he has been helping people achieve their dreams and goals. He is a certified life coach, motivational speaker, and a best-selling author of several books. With his expertise, DeBanff has crafted Vie Max to be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to make the most of their lives.

Vie Max is not a book to be taken lightly. It is designed to be an organically aggressive approach to life. By diving into the depths of the mind, body and soul, readers can unleash their spirit and be propelled into an infinite world of happiness and fulfillment.

The book also offers a unique and inspiring perspective on death. Vie Max provides readers with a delicate veil between life and death that allows them to gain a newfound appreciation for all that they have.

Vie Max: How to Live the Next 2 Billion Heart Beats of Your Life is the perfect guide for anyone looking to make the most of their life. With its revolutionary and inspirational approach, Vie Max will help readers unlock the potential of their lives and live to the max.

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Vie Max: How to Live the Next 2 Billion Heart Beats of Your Life to the MAX
Author: Erick DeBanff
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: May 2021
Book Genre: Self-help; Inspirational; Motivational; Life altering by changing ones perspective.
Target Audience: All ages, of all walks of life. Extremely helpful and motivational to health care professionals.

About the Author
Erick DeBanff is a composer, mountain climber, world traveler, physical extremist and a motorcycle enthusiast who has 45 years of experience as a bedside caregiver to the very critically ill; from Neonates to Geriatrics, all spectrum of human patient population. He is a graduate of Loma Linda University in the emphasis Music, Pre-Medicine/ Respiratory Therapy.

Erick is passionately driven to help individuals unleash their mental and physical capacity by capitalizing on the power of disease, trauma, misery and misfortune of life. Erick lives every single Heart Beat of his life to the MAX.

If you were to live 60 LONG YEARS; Youd live 720 MONTHS; Youd live 3 Thousand WEEKS;
Youd live 20 Thousand DAYS; Youd live Half a Million HOURS; Youd live 30 million MINUTES;
Youd live 1.8 billion SECONDS; Youd LIVE 2 BILLION HEARTBEATS;