Daughter of a tractor driver, Jharkhand’s Eitu is the youngest kabaddi entrant at KIYG

Jharkhand’s Eitu Mandal had entered the record books even before making her first raid in the Khelo India Youth Games on Saturday. At 13, the baby-faced kabaddi player is the youngest kabaddi entrant in this edition of the Games.

Daughter of a tractor driver, Eitu Mandal fell in love with kabaddi when she was just eight years old. Undeterred by all the bulky women around her, she has quickly moved up the levels to become part of the Under-18 Youth team.

“My parents were worried for me. But I have never been scared,” she told, shortly after her team’s first match against Maharashtra.

Eitu Mandal’s ‘record’ might not last long though. Her sister, five years younger than her, has also taken a liking to kabaddi and is already turning into a fine player.

“I am the eldest in the family,” the resident of Madhuban village in Dumka district in Jharkhand, said. “But my parents have given me a free hand. They didn’t put any pressure on me to take up the responsibilities of the family,” she added.

Eitu might still have a long way to go in the sport but she already knows what she will do once she hangs up her boots.

“I want to be a coach. As soon as I learn enough about the sport, I will start coaching. I want to work with youngsters, help them fall in love with kabaddi.”

In recent years, kabaddi has emerged as the next big sport in the country. It has not only given a great platform to youngsters in rural India but has turned many into mega stars. Some of them have overnight become super rich too.

In 2016, a professional kabaddi league for women has also been launched, drawing young girls by the horde to the sport.



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Inspired by His Daughter, Author Grant Handgis Releases “Teeny Tiny Tammy,” a Book that Empowers Girls and Women Alike

New York, NY – WEBWIRE

Teeny Tiny Tammy is a little girl in a fictional forest whose mother was carried away when she was a child, leaving her to choose her own road to womanhood with the assistance of three female figures from the “Contrariest Forest.” Tammy is only six inches tall, but she learns the attributes that lead to womanhood with the help of the cloister of women she encounters along the way. The “Contrariest Forest” is a place where a girl’s search for femininity begins, problems are conquered, and dreams are achieved. Tammy’s cloister of ladies, gnomes, fairies, and a problematic Troll are among the cast of characters. A story for young girls about legendary woodlands and learning about the characteristics of femininity, with the solution coming from inside.

The book was written for Grant’s little daughter at the time, who embodied the attributes of the book’s main character. For obvious reasons, the author holds this story in high regard. When the story was first started, it was completely made up. After thirty years, it has evolved into something more, including life lessons and knowledge gained over the years, transforming the fictitious tale into a story of an old discipline being rediscovered. The author’s goal was to set out the journey that every young girl takes in her search for significance in the age-old desire to become a lady. It’s a story about self-sufficiency.

Explore the tiny world of a tiny girl with a giant heart and determination. Get your copy.

Buy the book at: https://youronlinepublicist.com/product/the-story-of-teeny-tiny-tammy-by-grant-m-handgis/

The Story of Teeny Tiny Tammy

Author: Grant M. Handgis

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: January 2022

Book Genre: Children’s Book

About the Author:

Grant M. Handgis also has five other books in print: Two books of poetry, “In The Age of Youth”, and “Living On Dreams”, as well as two satirical memoirs, “I Have Mine…Show Me Yours” and “Waking Up Naked”. The most recent book is a traveler’s guide to living in Mexico. Christine Mach-Handgis, was the watercolor artist and illustrator of Teeny Tiny Tammy. The Story of “Teeny Tiny Tammy” is the culmination of thirty years of perspective, penned from the original fairytale theme. It remains one of the best writing moments of the author’s life.

Mom and Daughter Team Up to Launch First Black Woman-Owned Record Label for Women

Their company, Hathor Entertainment, brings long overdue women’s empowerment to the music industry

Nia And Selena B Hunter

Nia And Selena B Hunter

LOS ANGELESAug. 28, 2021PRLog — For months, Selena B. Hunter had been agonizing over what to call her new record company. The label would be the embodiment of “Black Girl Magic.” It would be groundbreaking. It would be bold. And it would be built on principles rarely, if ever, seen in an industry often riddled with misogyny and exploitation. Artists would be endowed with a real voice. They’d be empowered to fully and organically embrace their own, unique brand of creativity. The name would have to somehow convey all of that.

She pored over marketing materials for a diverse mix of businesses, but her answer would finally come within the pages of a book by marketing guru Seth Godin. It inspired her to do more research online and she was instantly drawn to the story of an effervescent Egyptian goddess. “She’s half-woman, a nod to femininity, and also half cow, which speaks to being sacred and valuable,” remembers Selena. “She was the goddess of the stars, the goddess of love, the goddess of women, and the goddess of music; all of which is very appropriate for what I wanted to represent.”

In that moment, Hawthorne Entertainment was born in Los Angeles, California as, what Selena asserts is, “the first Black-owned, majority woman-owned and led independent record label designed to meet the underserved needs of women in the R&B, hip hop, and pop genres.” It officially launches this month and Selena plans to hit the ground running, starting the roster off with her own daughter and Co-CEO, solo progressive R&B artist Nia, a former The Lion King star on Broadway. And that’s just the beginning.

“I have heard so many stories of women being abused, physically, mentally, and financially,” contends Selena. “I feel like I’m creating a safe space. I feel like I’m creating a place where, for the first time in the music industry, women can feel valued and protected; every song will be looked at as a way to engage and empower women.”

Plans are underway for artists to receive protection from an all-female security firm and a resident mental health therapist. As we’ve seen recently with world-class athletes such as Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, and tennis great Serena Williams, mental health matters.

Selena has been helping Nia bring the vision for her upcoming Night & Day EP to life. She insists it’s all a labor of love, her gift to the industry for which she has dedicated her life. Adds Selena: “I’m just using music as a catalyst to fight for women’s equality and reach women on a global level all over the world.”

Selena and Nia are available to share their inspirational story as mother and daughter, building up Hathor Entertainment together and the mark they’re determined to make on an industry in need of substantive change for woman artists.


“Dalka’s Daughter” – The Savior from Another Realm

Barbara Horn has always been a lover of art and stories. She has written many novels, and through her novel “Dalka’s Daughter,” she will let us into her creative mind.
The book follows the story of Joda Elting, a struggling college sophomore from a backwater county known as Cully. It is a secluded valley in Eastern Kentucky, which is infamous for people who disappear without a trace.
Joda was orphaned at a young age when her parents were killed in a fire. Her aunt sheltered and relocated her to Lexington. Lexington, unfortunately, only provided her with a place to stay, not a home. After her aunt died, Joda decided to sell the house to pay off her obligations and expenditures. She was destitute and despondent. She did, however, received an unexpected call, notifying her that she had inherited a property in Cully. She went back to look at the property hoping to start anew. However, the opportunity to start fresh isn’t exactly what she expected. Her return to Cully, set in motion, a chain of events that thrust her into an unknown world where only she has the power to overcome a dreaded enemy.
Join Joda as she enters a realm filled with chaos and mystery. She will undoubtedly thrill and have readers on the edge of their seats. Go with her as Horn weaves a scintillating tale of fires, and a struggle to free a world from the grips of a formidable foe. Horn did a great job with her character development, and she was able to present a book that can certainly engage with her readers.
Will Joda be able to find her way back home? Or has she finally found where she belongs?
Buy the book at: https://www.amazon.com/Dalkas-Daughter-Barbara-Horn/dp/107204269X/
Dalka’s Daughter
Author: Barbara Horn
Publisher: Independently Published
Published Date: June 3, 2019
Book Genre: Science Fiction
About the Author:
Barbara Horn lives in Eastern Kentucky with her husband of forty years. She has one son, two granddaughters. and two great granddaughters. Formerly an elementary and secondary teacher she is now retired and enjoying both being an author and an artist. She is looking forward to publishing several more books.