“Dalka’s Daughter” – The Savior from Another Realm

Barbara Horn has always been a lover of art and stories. She has written many novels, and through her novel “Dalka’s Daughter,” she will let us into her creative mind.
The book follows the story of Joda Elting, a struggling college sophomore from a backwater county known as Cully. It is a secluded valley in Eastern Kentucky, which is infamous for people who disappear without a trace.
Joda was orphaned at a young age when her parents were killed in a fire. Her aunt sheltered and relocated her to Lexington. Lexington, unfortunately, only provided her with a place to stay, not a home. After her aunt died, Joda decided to sell the house to pay off her obligations and expenditures. She was destitute and despondent. She did, however, received an unexpected call, notifying her that she had inherited a property in Cully. She went back to look at the property hoping to start anew. However, the opportunity to start fresh isn’t exactly what she expected. Her return to Cully, set in motion, a chain of events that thrust her into an unknown world where only she has the power to overcome a dreaded enemy.
Join Joda as she enters a realm filled with chaos and mystery. She will undoubtedly thrill and have readers on the edge of their seats. Go with her as Horn weaves a scintillating tale of fires, and a struggle to free a world from the grips of a formidable foe. Horn did a great job with her character development, and she was able to present a book that can certainly engage with her readers.
Will Joda be able to find her way back home? Or has she finally found where she belongs?
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Dalka’s Daughter
Author: Barbara Horn
Publisher: Independently Published
Published Date: June 3, 2019
Book Genre: Science Fiction
About the Author:
Barbara Horn lives in Eastern Kentucky with her husband of forty years. She has one son, two granddaughters. and two great granddaughters. Formerly an elementary and secondary teacher she is now retired and enjoying both being an author and an artist. She is looking forward to publishing several more books.