CXsphere Launches CXwin, an AI Guided “Hyper-Local Commerce and Intelligence” Platform for Both Distributor-Led (DL) and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Businesses

Canadian “Customer Experience Insight” firm CXsphere today launched CXwin, a hyper-local commerce and intelligence platform for both B2B Distribution-led and Direct-to-consumer businesses with last-mile insights from customers – while also maximizing the convergence of physical and digital attributes of both the brand and the inventory.

CXwin hyperlocal commerce offers real time location specific commerce capabilities and insights into customer-to-product engagement and also helps brands through:

– Convergence of digital and physical brand attributes to drive hyper-local commerce with more convenience for customers.

– Enabling brands sell faster and better with entire location specific inventory visibility across digital and physical businesses.

– Personalized customer engagement at scale through AI based prediction across the customer lifecycle.

– Accelerated new customer leads boosted by “incentivized individual user activity and a tightly coupled loyalty program.”

– Harnessing last mile customer intelligence for both B2B “Distribution-led and Direct-to-consumer” businesses.

– Enables brand owners to engage with their customers directly and on a one-to-one basis.

CXsphere was founded by a group of industry experts and entrepreneurs in the “Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience” space. It launched its’ first version of the AI driven customer engagement product in December 2019. The initial concept has shown promise with CXsphere being awarded – i] Top 50 predictive analytics company and Rising Star 2019 globally by ii] Top finalist in Ireland Government’s International competition in late 2018 iii] Top 1% start-up in Startup Istanbul’s competition in 2019.

Media Contact:

Vineet Singh

Head of Marketing @CXsphere

Phone: (091) 7038448776