Lexus: Customized New GX 550 “OVERTRAIL” to be Exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Salon

JAOS Corporation and LEXUS will be exhibiting the GX 550 “OVERTRAIL” JAOS ver. and the LX 600 “OFFROAD” TEAM JAOS 2023 ver., which successfully completed the entire approximately 2,110 km course of the 2023 BAJA 1000, at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon to be held from January 12th (Friday) to 14th (Sunday) at the JAOS booth (East Hall 7, No.702).

LEXUS is committed to expanding its model lineup to cater to the diverse needs and lifestyles of our customers. Scheduled for release in Japan by the end of the year under the concept of “The Premium Off-Roader,” the new GX promises exhilarating experiences in a variety of scenarios, from rugged off-road terrain to urban city streets. Among them, the GX 550 “OVERTRAIL” epitomizes the essence of the “OVERTRAIL PROJECT,” aligning with the vision to contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society. With a focus on delivering outdoor experiences that encompass understanding, enjoyment, and protection of nature, this vehicle enhances the joy of outdoor lifestyles while coexisting harmoniously with the natural environment. Starting with the excellent fundamental performance of the standard model and further enhancing specific functions and designs essential for a true off-roader, the vehicle serves as a partner providing new outdoor experiences while remaining close to the customer.

With the slogan “Experience a New Adventure” at its core, JAOS has been committed to the development and sale of 4WD & SUV parts since its founding in 1985. Their goal is to enable a multitude of customers to embark on new adventures.

The showcased GX 550 “OVERTRAIL” JAOS version is a collaborative concept model, customized by both companies that share the vision of the OVERTRAIL PROJECT. It is crafted to represent a dependable vehicle capable of navigating the most challenging environments. With a base vehicle’s adventurous exterior and exceptional off-road performance, and a design tailored for comfortable driving on any road, the vehicle incorporates distinctive customizations unique to a 4WD & SUV aftermarket parts manufacturer. The aim is to create a style that sparks the adventurous spirit of our customers.

In the front, the rugged bumper representative of heavy-duty off-road vehicles is reproduced using lightweight and highly rigid ABS resin. The vehicle is also equipped with various standard off-road components, including fender garnishes to protect the wide and impressive fenders, tube-style side steps to safeguard the side sills while ensuring easy ingress and egress, large mudguards to shield the body from debris during off-road driving, and aluminum skid plates to cover vulnerable underbody areas. Additionally, the inclusion of a roof rack to enhance carrying capacity, coupled with the adoption of a lift kit and the use of lightweight yet highly rigid 18-inch wheels, has elevated every aspect of the GX 550 “OVERTRAIL” from its authentic off-road appearance to its dynamic performance.

Through collaboration vehicles such as the GX 550 “OVERTRAIL” JAOS version, our goal is to continue showcasing the pleasure of vehicle customization, with the aim of offering our customers increasingly enriching car life experiences.

GX 550 “OVERTRAIL” JAOS ver. Customization Specifications*1 Overview

  • JAOS Front Bumper Guard (ABS / 2 Colors / Includes LED Lamp)
  • JAOS Skid Plate Type R (Aluminum 4 mm)
  • JAOS Fender Garnish Type X (ABS / Matte Black Finish)
  • JAOS Side Step Black (Steel Tube / Resin Step)
  • JAOS Flat Rack 1250 x 1400 for Roof Rail (Aluminum / Black Anodized)
  • JAOS Mud Guard III Black (EVA Flap + Aluminum Plate)
  • JAOS TRIBE CROSS (18 x 8.5 J/MGM)
  • BATTLEZ Lift Kit VFCA (Titanium-Infused Lift Kit Springs / Harmofleq®*2 Built-in Adjustable Dampers)
  • TOYO TIRES OPEN COUNTRY A/T III LT275/70R18 (Not on sale in Japan)

JAOS Booth Details
East Hall (HALL 7) No. 702

*1 These are exhibition vehicle specifications and may differ from the actual products.
*2 Harmofleq® is a registered trademark of KAYABA Inc.

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