Cultivating Compassion in Children’s Website’s Blogs Makes 10 Best Authentic Parenting Blogs (

 The book Growing Compassionate Children: Grower’s Guide, which is composed of 12 blogs correlating growing children to growing plants, made the list on the 10 Best Authentic Parenting Blogs by SoFlo Tutors. (

Growing Compassionate Children: Grower’s Guide was released late 2021. The world needs more compassion and where else to start, than with raising compassionate children. This first place award winning parenting book includes twelve steps of “growing” compassionate children, a Grower’s Guide. It follows the steps needed to grow a healthy plant. There are stories and topics addressing the impacts of societal issues such as the use of social media, anger, mental health, and violence to focusing on acts of kindness, inclusion and making this world a better place for all. Each step or chapter of the book would be ideal for a small discussion group of parents with children ages 2 through 12. It is also a good baby shower or baby reveal gift.

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