Donna Gard Culminates her Victory Over Struggles in the Relaunch of Her Book “On Becoming a Divine Warrior”

The terminal sickness and eventual loss of her spouse of twenty-five years were the challenges for her when she was writing “On Becoming a Divine Warrior.” After doing pondering about the problem, she realized that by regularly developing and strengthening her inner-self and relying on God for direction, many good things have happened. Upon reevaluating herself, Gard realized that by putting up constant effort, and dependence on God’s revitalizing power, she will progress and thrive. She learned to be more forgiving of herself and to think positively of herself. She discovered that any sense of approbation should come from the creator, not from others.
“On Becoming a Divine Warrior’s main concept centers on the value of an increased sense of Spirituality. It will help you to understand superior thoughts lead to superior deeds, it will help you to embrace the concept that ultimately, we are all basically alike, because we are all trying to live the utmost satisfying life possible in the particular situation, you find yourselves. Each person is striving to live life as well as they know how. This concept is called the  ‘Unity of Diversity.’” – Gard writes.
Gard explains how a Divine Warrior illustrates compassion and understanding that is essential for a better working connection with friends, spouses, family, and coworkers. She introduces an intuitive approach to learning how to communicate with people by showing compassion, love, serenity, and acceptance for every one you get in touch with. The book invites everyone to a literary journey that will fill readers with joy, purpose, and tranquility.

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On Becoming a Divine Warrior
Author: Donna Gard
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: November 2021
Book Genre: Self-Help › Spiritual
About the Author:
Donna Gard has attended five universities and colleges, completed her Master’s coursework in Specific Learning Disabilities at the University of South Florida and taught grades two, three, six and high school. She owned a tutoring business called the West Reading Clinic in the Home Pride Building in Tampa, Florida for fifteen years. She is a member of South West Writers, a networking group for writers. She completed the required religious courses at California Lutheran College. She is a recipient of a Rodger Merit Scholarship.