Ctunes, World’s First Calling Tune App, Launches on Google Playstore for Indian Android Users

Changes the Way People Make and Receive Phone Calls

GUJARAT, INDIA – April 5, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE  Ctunes, the world’s first Calling Tune Application, has launched in open beta mode on Google Playstore for Android users in India. Ctunes users can add videos, messages, and images to the phone calls, enabling the call recipient to see the reason for the call. Users have the ability to customize and personalize content based on their preferences and mood. The calling party can decide what the called party will be able to listen to or see on their mobile device. Ctunes also offers a content platform similar to TikTok.

The application changes the way people make or receive calls by helping users communicate before their call is connected. Ctunes is Glance on a calling screen, but offers a higher degree of user attention than Glance. “This app is for any person who has ever wished that someone would pick up the phone,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “Like, if you’re trying to reach your boyfriend, but he’s not answering. Now, with Ctunes, you can add a video that says ‘Hey, I love you!’ that he’ll see on the ‘Incoming Call’ screen on his phone.”

I-Cube Access Global Pvt. Ltd. Created Ctunes, after being incubated and accelerated by ICREATE. Ctunes was a finalist at the NASSCOM Design4India challenge in the mobile category, facing off against competitors like BYJUS. Ctunes was selected at the Y-Combinator Startup School. The company has registered a patent in India and applied for a global patent.

Ctunes’ features and functionality include:

  • Calling Tune—The calling party can decide what the called party would be able to listen or see on their mobile phone.
  • Caller Tune—The called party can decide what the calling party will see on their mobile phone when they call them.
  • Intent Based Calling (Call with Reason)—The app tells the called party why someone is calling, so they can decide if they want to or need to pick up the call.
  • Manage Calls—An exceptional Utility APP for individual users, wherein users on the Ctunes platform can manage all their incoming calls with MANAGE CALL functionality with complete customization as to how they intend to answer the call or reject calls and customized messages sent to people calling them.
  • Voice and Video Mail—This feature relieves users from the pain of remembering to call a person who has not answered their calls by leaving them a voice or video mail.
  • MyCtunes—Users can create image categories based on their preferences. Images will be displayed on every incoming and outgoing call made. The MyCtunes feature helps users customize every outgoing and incoming call screen with beautiful picture. 
  • Content Platform like TikTok—Users have access to creative content created by its users on the Content platform. Users on the platform can use this content as Calling tune, Callertune or MyCtunes.
  • Editors—Users on the platform can use audio, video or images as Calling tune or Caller tune.
  • Personalization and Customization of Content—Users on the platform can set personalized content for every user they call and use customized content.

For more information or to download the app, visit ctunes.biz or download from the Playstore at  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=biz.ctunes.callingtunes. 

Video link – https://youtu.be/IzS8krcIiY0