CryptoBlades, A Company Is Bridging NFTs And Gaming Realm

CHARLESTON, SC, 2 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, NFT realm is a fast growing one, with incredible features spotting the terrain. One ecosystem that is altering the way things are done is CryptoBlades, as it is matching the gaming sector together with NFTs. CryptoBlades is a blockchain-powered fantasy role-play game that allows users compete from all over the globe in a virtual realm, while they collect both NFTs and SKILL tokens. SKILL token is the underlying utility token of the ecosystem.

This is the first-ever fantasy role-play gaming community built on a blockchain that allows users to enjoy the perks of gaming and NFT in one place.

What To Expect?

Players can join a team of similar role-play lovers and explore the virtual universe. They can team up and fight off common enemies, or fight one another. While all these are ongoing, players stand the chance to earn points and rewards. The rewards, here, will be given to those that show noteworthy skills while exploring the land. SKILL tokens will be given to those that show off their skills while they battle others. These tokens can be used to craft customized weapons or make other purchases in the game. That is not all, as the tokens can be redeemed for fiat. The opportunities are endless.

NFT marketplace

CryptoBlades has an in-house NFT marketplace, where NFTs can be sold or bought. Players that use their SKILL tokens to craft weapon NFTs can either use them in the battle or sell them in the marketplace for FIAT or SKILLS tokens.

How To Get SKILLS Tokens

The utility token of this universe can be gotten through the display of awesome skills in the ecosystem. Skillful players will be rewarded with this token. The token can also be bought in exchanges and used in the ecosystem. Those that stake their SKILLS tokens have access to rewards in the form of extra SKILLS tokens.

Does CryptoBlades Care About Its Security

For an NFT ecosystem that offers innovative functionalities like CryptoBlades, one would expect that it be highly secure. To ensure that CryptoBlades meets the standard, it underwent a thorough security audit by the best in the crypto verse. Apart from the aforementioned, the team behind this ecosystem is widely known in the gaming and blockchain worlds for their expertise.

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