A New Model of Cross-Border E-Commerce: Jewelrykg is the First Business Model of “Selling by Kilograms”

 In recent years, with the gradual improvement of the cross-border e-commerce trade mechanism and the continuous dredging of the international logistics network, the expansion of cross-border e-commerce channels has accelerated, and more and more market players are using this channel to achieve “buy the world and sell the world.” China’s cross-border e-commerce brands are sailing steadily, ushering in a golden age of development.Jewelrykg is launching a new Sales Model: Selling by Kilogram.

JEWELRYKG is led by Jun Sheng Xun, the co-founder of the well-known and leading knowledge payment platform “Thousand Chat” in China, to lead the original team to carry out the brand overseas project and create a unique DTC brand. The company pioneered the business model of “selling by weight” for users in overseas markets.

This brand-new concept of commodity wholesale mode, by integrating the cost and quality advantages of Chinese manufacturing in the field of small and medium-sized commodities, is conducive to reducing the operation and management costs of cross-border trade enterprises, improving the level of cross-border trade facilitation, and helping to make high-quality products more convenient, cost-effective products made in China go out, expand the market, and sell to the world.

According to Liang, the founder of the company, under this new model, the company still has a high-quality quality control process to provide value-added services to the products in stock. The Jewelrykg brand team has a total of more than 500 people. Sort them into ready-to-use units and match them to corporate users at home and abroad. Corporate users can conduct centralized purchases through the brand website. The brand’s unique overseas warehouse can ensure that the corresponding products can be delivered to customers on time and efficiently. In addition, the brand also provides a complete after-sales system and wish gifts.

How do you find us?

Name of Company:UK Holding Company: NEWGLAMOUR CO., LTD (The company was founded in 2019)

Our website: https://www.jewelrykg.com

Offer Identification number: 8GG9UKJ6

Contact :(+44)-776-2372-940

Email: info@jewelrykg.com

If you have any questions about jeelrykg.com, please contact us. We will respond to your email right away.


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