The Don’t Count Me Out Tour This Spring

Hip Hop Cancer Awareness Tour Across The Nation presented by Cancer Survivor Shellie Davis of West Virginia

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ATLANTAApril 22, 2022PRLog — Shellz Management, G.M.G, and Rich Mindset (The Underdog) present the DON’T COUNT ME OUT TOUR

May 1st thru 14th 2022. The tour was named Don’t Count Me Out by Shellie after fighting a cancer called MDS (or Myelodysplastic Syndrome. A cancer, characterized by a group of disorders caused when something disrupts the production of blood cells. Some types have no known causes are rare and there are fewer than 200,000 US cases per year). As well as diseases caused by the chemo (i.e., Addison’s disease is a rare but serious adrenal gland disorder in which the body can’t produce enough of two critical hormones, cortisol and aldosterone fewer than 200,000 cases a year)).

Music is a part of a person’s story, a part of their soul. That is how artists connect to people, by telling their story.

This is how people connect to people. Everybody has a story. The Don’t Count Me Out tour, was given the name, because it is a reminder. That miracles happen every day, and that ANYONE can do anything they want!  If they put their mind to it, keep pushing to achieve their goal, and NEVER BE COUNTED OUT!!!!!!

This tour will be raising awareness and money to donate to the research of MDS, copper deficiency, and Addison’s disease. DCMO22 is a tour filled with stories of overcoming adversity and staying positive through all the ups and downs that occur in life..

Shellie Davis was born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia. She was in the first graduating class of 1997 Huntington High High School. She then went to college to be a teacher. However, she switched her major to nursing.

During that time, she stayed networking with as many people as possible, and began working with GMG MUSIC GROUP, Trust Da Process/ Rap-a-lot, Kriminal, Showgudda, FrosTT, Sin City Cairo, Joseph P. Langdon the Underdog coach/ Rich Mindset, Kool boy (Suga Free’s pop locker, and most featured pop locker in the world).

Culminating in meeting OG MACK DRAMA of 1017 Brick Squad Records and forging an unbreakable friendship! While scouting talent in LA, which evolved into A business partnership.  OG Mack Drama and Shellie co-managed Sin City Cairo (100% Egyptian Hip-Hop Rap Artist).

THE DON’T COUNT ME OUT TOUR #dcmo22.  Is a true story of overcoming adversity. Through every aspect of life! She is funding this tour all on her own. So, any and all donations or sponsorships and endorsements would help!

To donate: Cash App – $dcmo22

Tour schedule: May 1st Lima, Ohio, May 2nd Indianapolis, IN, May 3rd South Carolina, May 4th Atlanta, GA, May 5th New Orleans, LA, May 7th Destin, FL, May 9th Phoenix, AZ, May 11th Salt Lake City, UT, May 12th Las Vegas, NV, May 14th, Los Angeles, CA

When minutes count and there is no doctor around, you need The Home Doctor on hand (new edition)

MINNEAPOLISJan. 18, 2022PRLog — A unique compilation of professional expertise, practical results, and time-honed wisdom, “The Home Doctor”. Practical Medicine for Every Household” aims to be the only guide everyday people need to take care of their families, loved ones, and selves when access to physicians, pharmacies, and other health services are not readily available. Developed, written, and certified by medical doctors, “The Home Doctor” contains practical advice developed from the authors’ experiences. Claude Davis’ wisdom stems from years of prepping, Dr. Rodrigo Alterio’s knowledge was acquired from the time providing care in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, and Dr. Maybell Nieves’ repurposed protocols amid societal collapse in Venezuela. Now their combined knowledge is readily available in “The Home Doctor,” the best first aid kit for survival.

“The ongoing pandemic has opened many Americans’ eyes to how fragile our healthcare system can be, and how doctors and even whole hospitals may not have availability should an emergency arrive,” said Dr. Maybell Nieves, one of the three authors of “The Home Doctor” and the head surgeon of the Unit of Breast Pathology at Caracas University Hospital in Venezuela. “I’ve seen it all working as a frontline doctor, and medical issues are challenging enough without adding in supply shortages, blackouts, and a lack of running water. When people find they can’t depend on the medical system—we hope they can depend on the survival medicine found in ‘The Home Doctor (’ I’m proud to partner with Dr. Alterio and Mr. Davis on this book—with a sincere wish that the information inside helps save someone’s life.”

From listing medical supplies and treatments to stockpiling before a major emergency happens, to recognizing the signs and symptoms when something is amiss, and even identifying remedies you can find in your own backyard, “The Home Doctor” offers readers over 300 pages of critical healthcare information, which can be ordered as a physical copy that includes a digital version or as just a digital version that can be easily carried on a smartphone or tablet. For just $37 (with an additional $8.99 for shipping and handling for the physical copy), the same methods used both by ancestors on the frontier and medics in modern conflict zones and areas of unrest are just a turn of the page or a click away.

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About the Book: A wealth of knowledge reflecting the surgical expertise of Dr. Maybell Nieves and Dr. Rodrigo Alterio, and the self-reliant know-how of Claude Davis, “The Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household” offers readers a guide to best practices when formal medical attention isn’t readily accessible. Step-by-step and illustrated instructions show how to create home remedies, recognize signs and symptoms of illness, and take effective action