Corinium Presents: CDAO Singapore

Corinium’s Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) Singapore gathers the region’s leading data and analytics executives to share their insights on developing the infrastructure, ecosystem, buy-in, culture and strategies to effectively harness data and AI as a strategic asset. It’s going to be a fantastic few days addressing the top challenges facing senior leaders, coming together as a data analytics community and driving the narrative on data progress and innovation.
For 2022 we are celebrating our sixth annual event by revealing the progress being made, offering insights and effective strategies to the challenges that remain.

CDAO Singapore 2022 will answer the critical question on how to operationalize gains already made and how to deliver tangible value to the business at scale.

Join us, 12-13 April, for two days of engaging discussions on how to effectively protect your organisation’s most valuable digital assets by adopting a practical Zero Trust approach, advancing your strategy through risk intelligence, strengthening your Data Privacy and Security framework, and scaling business.

2022 Key Themes

Future of Data: Governance, Privacy and Ethics:
Operationalising data governance to ensure security, privacy and the ethical use of data and AI.

Fuelling Data Innovation:
Being first-to-market with the right innovation approach – Building capability to respond to competitors, regulators and deliver for customers as an AI-powered and innovative organisation.

Shaping a Data-Informed Organisation:
Upskilling, adapting and evolving are key components of a resilient and progressive business strategy. Learn how organisations are enabling change through cross-functional, diverse, agile teams who excel in consulting and communication skills to grow effective decision makers, smart adopters and end-users of data.

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Australia’s senior executives responsible for championing the data agenda will gather at CDAO Singapore 2022 to share insights on transformative leadership, data driven culture, developing high performing analytics teams, data literacy and effective governance of data and AI.

Focusing on the biggest challenges faced today to effectively harness data as a strategic asset, drive change and shape organisations to become analytically mature, business-driven enterprises that outperform their competitors.

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Corinium Presents: CISO Zero Trust Online ASEAN

As we become more connected and the digital space becomes an essential part of life, opportunities for new threat vectors to emerge from the digital underbelly have also grown and multiplied.
IT and cyber security leaders worldwide are readying themselves to tackle new risks and bad actors, with attention turned towards securing our increasingly connected networks and systems. This is where the principles of Zero Trust come in to support the global initiatives to protect our data and networks.

With the ‘never trust, always verify’ attitude, infosec leaders have found themselves in a more advantageous position to defend their digital terrains and plan the steps for future cyber battles. At CISO Zero Trust ASEAN Online, Southeast Asia’s infosec leaders and future leaders will gather together to discuss the risks and strategies that will support the adoption of a Zero Trust mentality across the region to secure their perimeterless domains and safeguard their networks and connections.

In the ever-evolving mission to ensure your organisation’s IT Security remains gapless and an enterprise stronghold, CISOs, IT Security leaders and influencers have been taking steps to incorporate the principles of Zero Trust into their organisation’s IT Security framework. Some of the key questions they have asked themselves and are continually working on include:

– What are the Zero Trust Principles?
– How Can you Become a Zero Trust Ready Organisation?
– Maintaining a Zero Trust Environment – What Needs to Be Done?

A range of unique and best-practice strategies await you at CISO Zero Trust ASEAN Online, including what the Zero Trust Principles are, applying Zero Trust, SASE and SSE, what a successful Zero Trust implementation process looks like, establishing your risk appetite, the top questions the board will ask, strengthening perimeterless security, managing the human risk element of Zero Trust, establishing maturity levels and much more!

Join us, 12-13 April, for two days of engaging discussions on how to effectively protect your organisation’s most valuable digital assets by adopting a practical Zero Trust approach, advancing your strategy through risk intelligence, strengthening your Data Privacy and Security framework, and scaling business.

2022 Key Themes:

Zero Trust Applicability to Infosec Objectives
Explore the advantages “zero trust” model can offer your business through clear understanding of the principles and how they can meet security objectives and maintain safer connections.

Risk and Reward in a No Trust Environment
An in-depth look at the risks involved with implementing a Zero Trust Framework, how to optimally implement Zero Trust, and the rewards that can be reaped by businesses if done successfully.

Building and Maintaining A Trustworthy Organisation
Even in a Zero Trust environment, some trust must be established between IT Security and other departments and functions to make the initiative a success – and the first step towards that is to embrace change. Take a look at how organisations can experience positive change to make their digital environments safer for everyone.

Future Direction for a Secure Future
Prepare your security plan for the future by taking into account new risks and threats, implementing different strategies to improve visibility, and investing back into your security resources and networks.

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– Engage with 300 plus attendees, speakers and solution providers and find the security answers that you are seeking
– Benchmark your Zero Trust journey strategy through exciting case studies, 3 engaging panels, and interviews
– Wide range of industries sharing their roadmaps and plans for a Zero Trust strategy including banking and finance, hospitality, manufacturing, cryptocurrency, payments, and more
– Dedicated event to Zero Trust, a premier event in the Southeast Asia region
– Unique look at an extremely current topic with the best strategies and solutions in the market
– Many companies are starting their Zero Trust journey, so a lot of opportunities for both vendors and delegates to share their findings and learn from their peers

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Corinium Presents: CISO Online ASEAN

Cybercrime is already a multi-billion-dollar industry with a projected cost expected to reach USD 10.5 trillion annually by 2025.
So, how can CISOs working within the ASEAN region become catalysts for change? How can you deliver business value, overcome security systems complexities, mitigate risks and minimize costs?

CISO Online ASEAN, a virtual forum taking place on 2 & 3 November 2021, is designed to help you find these answers. Through a series of keynotes, panels, interviews and our unique interactive discussion format, this is your opportunity to benchmark your current practices against leading executives.

Join your peers and learn how to successfully adopt identity and privileged access management to overcome the challenges of compromised credentials, explore strategies to embrace the cloud with confidence and avoid misconfiguration risks, and discover how to bridge the gap in third-party software vulnerabilities.

2021 Key Themes:
– Emerging Threats, Intelligence and Incident Response: Assessing the newest threats and what CISOs are doing to combat them
– Governance and Risk: Weighing the risk against the rewards – how cyber security leaders make difficult decisions involving risk and IT security
– Driving Change in ASEAN’s Cyber Security Space: What InfoSec leaders are doing to orchestrate change in order to strengthen data and IT protection across organisations
– InfoSec-Focussed Game Plans: A detailed look at the actionable strategies and planning CISOs have in place for the next few years to meet new security challenges

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– Given current circumstances, cybersecurity leaders are under added pressure to safeguard their companies and keep up with new risks and threats. This online high-level, strategic event is your opportunity to do just that.
– Hear from Asia’s best in class cybersecurity practices from your desktop, tablet, or mobile
– Pick and choose the most relevant sessions and speakers
– Gain access to the best solutions available to your business’s needs
– And the best part – all of this is free

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