Koala Cooling Announces Leadership Transition

ROUND ROCK, TexasNov. 2, 2023PRLog — Koala Cooling, a prominent player in the Austin home services industry, is proud to announce a significant leadership transition that marks a new era for the company. Founder and CEO, Scott Feller, will be stepping down from his role as CEO to take on the responsibilities of CFO. In his place, Paul Olsen will assume the position of CEO, and Kyle Sattler will take on the role of COO.

Scott Feller, a distinguished professional with an Engineering Degree from Iowa State University, is known for his founding of the beloved KangaRoof in Austin, TX. He subsequently transferred the helm of KangaRoof to his wife, Stacie Feller, in 2016, embarking on a new journey with Koala Cooling in 2017. Under his leadership, he acquired a small HVAC company and steered its growth by a remarkable tenfold. Now, as he looks forward to a partial retirement, Scott will focus on managing the financial aspects of the company.

The new CEO, Paul Olsen, brings over two decades of experience to the leadership team. With a Master Plumber background and expertise as an HVAC technician, he has risen through the ranks at some of the largest home services companies in the Austin area. His extensive career includes roles as Sales Manager, Install Manager, Plumbing Manager, HVAC Manager, Operations Manager, and General Manager. Paul joined Koala Cooling in May 2023 and has been instrumental in the company’s growth as the Operations Manager. He is a devoted family man, married to his wife Michelle, and together they have a blended family with six children.

Kyle Sattler, the newly appointed COO, has dedicated his career to marketing and process development for various companies, including statewide and national home improvement companies. Some may recognize him as the former Marketing Manager for Scott and Stacie’s business empire. Kyle’s tenure with Koala Cooling began in April 2023 as the Process Manager. He is married to his wife Laura, and they have two wonderful children, Chris and Bella.

In their respective roles, Paul as CEO and Kyle as COO will take on distinct responsibilities. Paul will be responsible for shaping the company’s vision, building community relationships, and introducing innovative ideas to the leadership team. On the other hand, Kyle will focus on process development, leading the company’s leadership team, overseeing special projects, and eliminating obstacles that hinder the Koala team’s efficiency.

The transition is expected to be seamless for the majority of the Koala team, as Paul and Kyle have been leading most of the operational work for the past six months. When the announcement was made, the staff welcomed it with enthusiasm and anticipation for the future. The rest of the leadership team will remain unchanged, with expectations of growth as the company expands.

Under the leadership of Paul and Kyle, Koala Cooling will follow a similar yet different path. The duo will function as a V/I Duo, with Paul setting the vision for the company and Kyle putting together the processes to realize it. The company remains committed to substantial growth and expansion, with aspirations to double year over year. Their ultimate goal is to focus on customers who aim to eliminate the need for emergency calls in the home services industry. “We believe emergencies should not be necessary in the home services industry,” emphasized Kyle Sattler.

Scott Feller, in his message, expressed his gratitude and hope for the future. He is thankful for the patience and dedication of Paul and Kyle in navigating this transition, and he has unwavering confidence that the company he founded is in capable hands.

The announcement to the Koala Cooling team was made on November 1, 2023, and it is effective immediately.

Japan – DENSO Launches “Everycool,” a Commercial Vehicle Cooling System for Trucks that Improves Cooling Efficiency and Reduces Environmental Impact

DENSO CORPORATION has announced that it has developed “Everycool,” an advanced cooling system that provides comfort and energy efficiency when a commercial vehicle’s engine is off. This product will be available for purchase starting December(1) of this year in Japan through DENSO SOLUTION CORPORATION.


DENSO is committed to realizing a “well-being cycle society” for the future in 2035 – a society filled with people’s smiles by connecting and harmonizing “The Five Flows”: “Free Movement of People,” “Flow of Goods,” “Energy Utilization,” “Minimization of Resource Requirements,” and the “Flow of Data.” In the realm of “Flow of Goods,” DENSO is focused on addressing challenges within the logistics industry, such as improving working conditions for truck drivers and achieving efficient energy utilization.

The newly developed “Everycool” by DENSO is a cooling system that can be used when a truck’s engine is not running. It achieves the dual objectives of improving driver working conditions during hot summer seasons and reducing environmental impact and promoting efficient energy utilization by lowering fuel consumption.

Key Features of Everycool

Comfort and Energy Efficiency Combined:
“Everycool” leverages DENSO’s expertise in air conditioning technology, directing cool air intensively towards the driver, enhancing comfort. Compared to traditional cabin-wide cooling systems in Japan, it reduces power consumption by approximately 57%,(2) achieving energy efficiency. As a result, it can be powered using the standard vehicle battery.

Compact and Lightweight:
Unlike conventional cooling systems that had separate indoor and outdoor fans for heat exchange, “Everycool” integrates the fan, enabling a single unit to perform the entire heat exchange. Additionally, it features a small electric compressor specially developed using in-vehicle technology. These two innovations result in a reduction of approximately 30% in size*2 and approximately 63% in weight(2) compared to conventional cooling systems in Japan. This compact design contributes to ensuring cabin space for drivers, enhancing the quality of their rest breaks, and supporting safe and efficient operations. Furthermore, its lightweight design minimally affects the cargo capacity, contributing to the maintenance of delivery efficiency.

Compatibility with a Wide Range of Vehicle Types:
The smaller size of “Everycool” compared to traditional cooling systems allows for installation without obstructing the rear window’s(3) visibility, making it suitable for a variety of vehicle types, including not only large trucks but also medium-sized trucks, and tractor-trailers. It can be installed in both new and existing vehicles.

DENSO will continue to address challenges within the logistics industry and strive to provide new value that benefits society.

(1) Starting from December 2023, “Everycool” will be available for sale for certain large trucks. Sales for other vehicle models are planned for 2024 and beyond.
(2) The average value calculated from stationary air conditioners currently available on the market (according to DENSO’s research).
(3) Rear Window: The window located at the rear of the vehicle, responsible for ensuring rearward visibility.

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All Year Cooling Commits To Veterans Discount

Coral Springs, Florida – WEBWIRE

All Year Cooling is committed to the veterans of South Florida offering a discount for all customers who’ve served in the armed forces. Current and former military members can enjoy $100 off a new air conditioner and 10% off all air conditioner repairs.

Most families making a change to their air conditioner are doing so spur of the moment. Perhaps something went wrong with the air conditioner, and it needs immediate attention.

There’s also the case of new buildings needing air conditioning set up for the first time. In South Florida, even a day without air conditioning can be a huge difference. The discount is meant to ease the financial burden.

To qualify for the discount, all veterans must show identification when setting up a repair or installation. All Year Cooling’s owner, Tommy Smith wants to give back to those men and women doing so much for their country.

Those Florida veterans still needing financial help beyond the discount can apply for financing with the company. Three different organizations are working directly with them to make it easy for customers to not feel required to make a huge payment upfront. There’s no minimum credit score, and shoppers receive expedited approvals for emergencies. The company works with Synchrony Financing, Ygrene Financing, and FTL Financing.

All year cooling also provides discounts and other coupons & promotions on their website. This makes pricing for the company amongst the cheapest in the south Florida, Coral Springs region.

Giving back to veterans is a passion of Mr. Smith and his daughter Riley. Running Project We Care, the younger Smith strives to strengthen families when they return home through her organization. Both All Year Cooling and Project We Care work together on several projects within the community offering different ways to give back.

For more information on the veterans discount, or anything related to All Year Cooling, visit allyearcooling.com. In many cases, same-day repairs are possible. The website also acts as a resource for those doing some troubleshooting.

Coral Springs, Florida based, they provide air conditioning installations and repairs for the southern Florida region. The company prides itself on outstanding pricing and quick service.