2022 ALA Annual Convention featured Michelle Petties’ essays on food addiction in riveting self-help book, “Leaving Large: The Stories of a Food Addict”

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Born in a big city, but bred in a small town, Michelle Petties is a soulful Southern Sistah who is serious about Scrabble. She weighed over 260 pounds at one point and has gained and lost over 700 pounds. She discovered that the secret to overcoming her battle against food is in finding, facing, rewriting, and replacing her food stories.

Michelle earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications at the University of Texas. Michelle is a former public relations vice president and a public veteran. She worked for big names in media, such as Disney and Radio One. She currently for WYPR, an NPR member station in Baltimore.

To find her, then simply head to the nearest wig store or consignment boutique, she’s probably there.