GPMS Partners with GitLab to Provide DevOps Solutions for Continuous Innovation and Continuous Automation

 Global Portfolio Management Systems, LLC (“GPMS”), an innovative software solution company, has announced their partnership with GitLab to provide DevOps solutions to organizations seeking to automate and improve their enterprise application delivery.

“GitLab is excited to build a strategic relationship with GPMS,” said Michelle Hodges, VP of Global Channels at GitLab. “​GPMS provides expertise across Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Telecom and the Technology industry ​making them a great fit for the GitLab Partner Program and enables us to work together to create high-value services for mutual customers.”

GPMS has been an early adopter and implementor of DevOps principles and has deployed custom DevOps solutions for their global client base ranging from the Fortune 500 – Fortune 2000.

Like GPMS, GitLab is committed to developing tools for continuous innovation and continuous integration that allows organizations to develop applications and infrastructures that support automation and rapid deployment within a single platform.

The partnership will provide solutions to clients seeking to optimize their production environment by improving the delivery pipeline. This can only be accomplished by deploying an agile approach to development and integration:

“The partnership and collaboration will enable GPMS to maximize customer value and deliver tightly integrated end-to-end DevSecOps solutions faster.” – Mehul J. Shah, Chief Technology Officer, GPMS

DevOps is an update driven by customer feedback and is a direct result of the commitment a company makes to their clients and technology. In order to stay competitive in this new DevOps world, organizations need a new way of doing things which is fast, secure and cost efficient. This is why DevOps is vital to an organization.

As DevOps processes have matured over time, recent changes within DevOps culture require more than continuous improvement of existing solutions. A different approach must be taken by organizations adopting DevOps strategies – one that facilitates faster deployment cycles and using only the necessary dependencies for each task.

This is where the GPMS/Gitlab partnership is essential. By leveraging Best Practices and Innovative Strategies for DevOps, clients will benefit from advanced industry experience which maintains a core focus on collaboration, communication, and efficiency:

Innovation occurs through collaboration and partnership. Contact GPMS today to inquire about DevOps solutions for your organization and begin the journey of automation together.


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