The Last Gay Conservative Podcast Stands Up to the Liberal Narrative One Episode at a Time

 The Last Gay Conservative, a political podcast hosted by entrepreneur Chad Law, has gained traction since its inception in March as the go-to source for conservative news. The podcast is a breath of fresh air for right-wing interested people who are tired of being labeled by the liberal narrative based on their skin color, gender, and sexual orientation. A new podcast episode is published twice weekly and covers a wide variety of topics spanning from inflation and crime rates to drugs and tax dollars.

The podcast host, Chad Law, is a self-educated expert on everything politics, US history, and most importantly, common sense. Chad has spent his entire life defending his political beliefs next to his being gay. He has had the fortunate ability to travel around the world learning from some of today’s leading political scientists. Recently, Chad has started working with the Convention of States action and the Heritage Foundation. Today, Chad speaks and lectures at various political events around the country.

“I’ve watched too many gay conservatives over the recent years get canceled, have their lives destroyed, and be forced out of politics by the liberal mob,” said Chad Law, host of The Last Gay Conservative. “It’s time to take a stand against left-wing agendas, censorship and discrimination, which is why I created this podcast in the first place. Everyone deserves to have a voice, no matter what their race, orientation, or background is.”

Chad studied marketing at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. In just a short time, he has created, scaled, and sold three very successful businesses. Chad also sits on eight different boards for companies around the world.

Listeners can find the podcast on all the major platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Play, and Stitcher.

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About The Last Gay Conservative

The Last Gay Conservative is a podcast hosted by Chad Law, a successful entrepreneur and gay man who aims to stand up to stereotypes, the liberal narrative, cancel culture, and the mob destroying America. Each podcast episode dives into current political news, left-wing agendas, and the truth behind it all. For more information, visit and follow along on Instagram @lastgayconservative and Twitter @lastgaycons.

Last Gay Conservative

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