DefiSports Connects the Dots

DefiSports, a technology company specializing in decentralized finance and sports platform, is thrilled to announce its co-hosting of the highly anticipated #Connecting The Dots event in Singapore. Organized by DTC Group, the event intends to unite startups, developers, investors, industry leaders, and enthusiasts to discuss innovative strategies and exchange knowledge on the nexus between sports, technology, and decentralized finance. This event goes beyond being a meeting; it serves as a catalyst for change, growth, and collaboration in the realm of Web3 technologies for experts, enthusiasts, and newcomers.

The #Connecting The Dots event will be held at the renowned Harry’s Bar at Marina Bay Link Mall on September 11, 2023, from 18:00 to 21:00. The venue’s convenient location and sophisticated facilities serve as the ideal spot for facilitating insightful discourse. The occasion offers participants an invaluable opportunity to collaborate and network while energizing through the drinks and scrumptious dining. The event acknowledges the significance of offline events in creating valuable connections, promoting partnerships, and spurring innovation within the sports and decentralized finance sectors by encouraging face-to-face encounters.

In addition to the details of the event, it is essential to briefly discuss the business strategy and corporate culture of DefiSports. DefiSports uses blockchain technology to offer novel opportunities and solutions for investors, athletes, and spectators at the intersection of decentralized finance and sports. The organization is dedicated to promoting openness, diversity, and empowerment within the sports ecosystem. By co-hosting the “Connecting The Dots” side event, DefiSports can expand its brand recognition, broaden its network with strategic partnerships and collaborations with other industry leaders, startups, and developers, and solidify its position as a significant player at the confluence of sports and Web3 technologies.

One of the event’s highlights will be a demonstration by DefiSports COO/CTO Moustapha Mahamat Masry, who will showcase the technical side of the DefiSports marketplace. He will explain how the platform works through the use of three physical NFT jerseys representing Juventus, Arsenal, and Chelsea. This demonstration will provide a tangible example of the growth and development of the sports sector within the Web3 ecosystem. In addition to the technical demonstration, DefiSports CEO Kevin Bilal will share insights about the company’s culture, vision, and business model. This presentation will give attendees a deeper understanding of DefiSports’ strategic direction and its commitment to revolutionizing the sports industry through decentralization and transparency.

Along with hosting the “Connecting Dots” side event, TOKEN 2049, Asia’s most prominent cryptocurrency event, is another significant opportunity for DefiSports to establish its presence in a rapidly growing market. Leading professionals from the worldwide cryptocurrency and blockchain industries will gather at TOKEN 2049, along with investors and innovators. The event will take place in Singapore on September 13 and 14.

The inclusion and participation in “Connecting The Dots – Bridging Web3 Perspectives” not only underscores the immense potential of Web3 technologies but also showcases the remarkable progress made in the sports sector and its promising future. By joining this event, we actively contribute to fostering cooperation, expertise, and innovation in this groundbreaking domain. Let’s come together to connect the dots and collectively shape the future of Web3.

With that being said, be our guest, mark your calendar, and ensure you don’t miss this opportunity to help form the direction of blockchain technology. We cordially invite you to accompany us to our event, where we will be hosting hundreds of guests to expand your perspectives, induce creativity, and forge meaningful relationships.

Please visit the event website at for further details and registration.


HUB.ID Summit connects Early-stage Startups with Global Venture Capital and Business Partners

The HUB.ID is proud to be a hub that connects 80 curated startups with 80 global venture capital and well-known business partners, stated Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics (KOMINFO) at this year’s HUB.ID Summit opening, in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia.

The opening ceremony of the HUB.ID Summit 2022 was held at Nusa Dua, Bali province, on Monday (September 5, 2022). (ANTARA/Livia Kristianti/uyu)

“We believe the startups have the ability and potential to be the tech giants. Therefore, the Ministry holds the HUB.ID Summit as a hub to connect the early-stage startups, venture capitalists and business partners in exploring collaboration and investment opportunities,” said Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, Director-General of Application & Informatics, Ministry of Communication and Informatics, in the opening address.

The HUB.ID Summit 2022 was held in Nusa Dua, Bali from 5 to 6 September 2022. Its focus is on early-stage startups looking for seed to series A investment. The Ministry hopes that the 80 selected startups participating in the HUB.ID Summit can explore opportunities for cooperation, especially in terms of funding.

HUB.ID includes the HUB.ID Accelerator, the HUB.ID Summit, and the HUB.ID Ecosystem. After undergoing a series of HUB.ID incubation and accelerator programs held by the Ministry, tech startups can continue their journey by expanding their business network on a global scale.

Startups are represented across sectors from agriculture & aquaculture tech, enterprise & government tech, health tech, social commerce & SME enablement, Web.30, deep tech, education, fintech and legal tech to property and proptech.

Startups participating in the HUB.ID Summit 2022 include Chickin, Dagangan, DOTX, Duitin, Eratani, Bananas, Fishlog, Gajiku, Gorrywell, HiPajak, Jejakin, Klinik Pintar, Legalku, MallSampah, NOBI, SoulParking, Teman Pasar, Verihubs, and ZI.Care.

Venture capitalists and business partners participating in HUB.ID Summit include East Ventures, DG Ventures, AC Ventures, BEENEXT, Finch Capital, Cyber Agent Capital, J Trust Bank, Telkom, Midtrans, OCBC NISP Ventura, Sinarmas Land, AppWorks, Investible, Jabar Digital Service, Jakarta Smart City, Bio Farma, and Mandiri Capital.

Semuel said that collaboration and investment can support startups in Indonesia to be more resilient in facing future challenges. “We are optimistic that startups in Indonesia will be more mature, as well as ready to collaborate and have investment cooperation,” Semuel stated.

On day one, the HUB.ID Summit consisted of two panel discussions: “The Dawn of New Groceries Shopping in Indonesia: Is it a sustainable business model?” including Metha (Co-Founder SayurBox), Vincent (Co-Founder Astro), Yosua Setiawan (Co-Founder Segari), and moderated by Agung Nugroho (Co-Founder Kudo).

The second panel “Anticipating The Next Momentum of Indonesia Fintech” included Triyono Gani (Head of Digital Innovation Growth Otoris Jasa Keuangan), Dino Setiawan (Co-Founder Awan Tunai), Vira Widiyasari (SVP of Fintech and Payment Tokopedia), and moderated by Rico (Commissioner LinkAja). Those two panels showed Indonesia’s digital economy landscape from the startup point of view.

On day two, the HUB.ID Summit featured: “Standing Tall Amidst the Chaos: Indonesia Startup Investments Today and Tomorrow”, with Dirk Van Quaquebeke (Managing Partner, BEENEXT), Helen Wong (Managing Partner, AC Ventures), and Melisa Irene (Partner, East Ventures), on stage and moderated by Willis Wee (Founder & CEO, Tech in Asia). This panel discussed the future of Indonesia’s startup investment.

More than 350 participants joined Hub.ID Summit 2022, which consisted of 1-on-1 Business Matchmaking, Panel Discussions, and a Networking Dinner. Venture capital and business partners came not only from Indonesia, but also from Japan, Singapore, South Korea and India.

About HUB.ID

HUB.ID includes the HUB.ID Accelerator, the HUB.ID Summit, and the HUB.ID Ecosystem. HUB.ID is a platform provided by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics (KOMINFO), focusing on enabling post-seed local Indonesian startups to scale regionally by leveraging Kominfo’s vast network of corporate & governmental partners. Learn more at

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