Congressional Candidate Calls for All Government Supporters of “the War on Children” to Resign

 Congressional Candidate Sean Pignatelli, for New Jersey’s 2nd District, is looking to force America’s heart to skip a beat and get most officials in Washington to take notice.

Pignatelli states, “These officials are terrorists. First we want to kill babies in the womb, now we want to starve living, breathing babies. What’s next? Euthanizing children? The Biden Administration, along with any Democrat that continues avoiding and not supporting a bill to save America’s next generation, should resign immediately.”

Pignatelli’s aggression comes from not only the baby formula crisis we are currently in, but also his opposition to late-term abortion.

Pignatelli continues, “The Biden Administration has begun a war on America’s next generation and we must fight back hard. This is not the way America is and I will not allow someone to intentionally hurt or starve any child. I would be ashamed to be a current member of our government right now.”

Pignatelli will face off with Republican incumbent Jeff Van Drew in the primary election on June 7. Pignatelli feels a high level of confidence going into the primary, based on polls he’s reviewing.

Jonathan Harvey




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