PROXIMA Completely Decentralized Fundraising and Incubation Platform – Public Sale Continues Until January 15

We aim to empower projects with fundraising capabilities by allowing retail investors and potential users access to early investment deals while developing loyal users.

The Proxima protocol is an important step towards building a truly interoperable decentralized finance ecosystem. As a fully decentralized fundraising and incubation platform, Proxima enables DeFi projects to raise the necessary capital while simultaneously developing a strong community. Meanwhile, it also allows retail investors and potential users to gain early access to investment deals in the projects under review.

All projects listed on the Proxima IDO launchpad and incubation platform are Know Your Customer compliant and subject to rigorous due diligence. In addition, these projects receive fundraising and marketing assistance from the platform, enabling them to leverage their broad investor reach capabilities and a strong Proxima community to meet their capital needs. On the other hand, projects that are not part of the launchpad and incubation program can use the platform’s IDO infrastructure to host their own token sales.

Providing easy access to fundraising infrastructure and capital for BSC-based blockchain projects, PROXIMA not only makes it a viable option for all DeFi-related needs, but also provides greater liquidity to the underappreciated blockchain protocol.


Proxima public sale continues until January 15, 2022

Proxima expects more participants to participate in the public sale. Meanwhile, new projects are queued for launch on the Proxima platform even before IDO.

The membership utility token of the Proxima platform, PRX, gives owners access to a variety of IDO launchpad and incubator platform features. Besides its utility when listing a project on the platform, PRX token holdings also set allocations in token sale rounds for investors and provide exclusive access to restricted IDOs.