The book “Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom” by Russell Marlett is fun to read, says BlueInk Review

The author, who was long active in Christian ministry and is a seeker deep inside, delivers an enlightening and captivating philosophical narrative to teach a thing or two about inner peace and abundance.

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“Enlivened with a sense of humor, it’s fun to read.” BlueInk Review

“Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom” (ReadersMagnet; 2022) by Russell Marlett is equal parts inspirational and equals part philosophy. It bears the underlying message that one could attain love, inner peace, and abundance when in a journey and find them in the most unexpected and unlikely place.

The book is told in first person perspectives. The first part tells of the narrator’s discovery of thirty-two eight-line verses that his late great-aunt’s brother, Ezra, had received from a spirit in the Guatemalan jungles many years prior. This is then expanded in the second part of the book in the form of a story that tells the interaction between Ezra and the spirit, who dictates to him the thirty-two verses.

“Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom” is the fruit of Russell’s exploration into numerous spiritual realities and disciplines. He was first exposed to different spiritual philosophies when he and his wife attended a New Age church that preached not just the Christian philosophy but also that of other teachers or gurus, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Lao Tzu and Buddha. “In reading all of those and comparing them to Christ, I’ve found a great similarity,” he said in an interview.

“It was just a compilation of things that had run through my head that I’d studied. “Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom” is really a compilation of thoughts and instructions from not only Christ but also from other religious teachers.”

The spiritual thoughts – verses plus commentaries that expand them – contained in this book will empower the reader to live life more abundantly, expand their worldview, and achieve perfection.

The book has received a good-to-mixed review from BlueInk Review for its colorful narrative and entertainment value. “Enlivened with a sense of humor, it’s fun to read,” says the review.

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“Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom”

Author | Russell Marlett

Published date | 2022

Publisher | ReadersMagnet

Genre | Inspirational/motivational

Author Bio

Russell Marlett grew up in a small company town in the Gulf Coast area of Texas. Reading was his primary activity as a child and into his teen years. His college career lasted two years, after which he embarked on an exploration of possibilities which included fighting forest fires, driving a truck in the grain harvest, working as a ranch hand, and serving as a paratrooper in the army.

He stumbled into a career in the automotive parts industry, met and married one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, and became a suburbanite in the Houston area. As a family man, he took the family to church. He was asked to teach a class, which was his true introduction to an exploration of spirituality. Teaching required research, and research revealed that there is an underlying common truth in nearly all religions and religious philosophies.

He and his wife are now retired, but the exploration of other ideas, as well as those he has held onto for lo these many years, is a never-ending quest.