Winners of the CollexArt Grand Prize International Art Competition

More than 2300 individual works of art were submitted to the CollexArt Grand Prize call for entries. Patrick Webb won the Grand Prize cash award of $5,000 and also received a Purchase Award for his work titled Punchinello Battle. Eric Tucker, received a Purchase Award for his large sculpture titled A Snowy Day in January. Both artworks are now part of the CollexArt patron collection.
CollexArt curators awarded the Grand Prize to Patrick Webb for his submission of a series of works that included Punchinello Battle, a wash gouache charcoal and pen work realized on hand-made paper. “We were intrigued and impressed by Webb’s subject matter, his use of the medium, and in particular, his recurring character of Punchinello who appears in scenes of conflict.”

Webb began incorporating the Punchinello figure into his work in the 1990’s. The Punchinello paintings underscore that we are all vulnerable to external forces whether they be social, political or biological. Punchinello’s ever-present mask prompts us to contemplate our current condition of hidden identities and susceptibility to external forces.
Eric Tucker received a Purchase Award from CollexArt for his modern minimalist sculpture titled, A Snowy Day in January. Like Webb, Tucker has been evolving a series of work for well over a decade. Tucker’s sculptural pieces are made out of simple geometric shapes that are often hung on a wall or presented as hanging installations. The artist has a clear focus on the interplay of light and shadow. His sculptures engage the viewer by exploiting the perception of the piece based on the viewer’s physical distance and relative position to the work.
The CollexArt Grand Prize and Purchase Awards are intended to support selected artists with meaningful recognition and awards. Please visit the Award Announcement Page to learn more about the outcome of the competition.
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