Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd (MCL) Achieves 163 Million Ton

Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL), a subsidiary of Coal India Ltd (CIL) has achieved the coal production target of 163 million tonne (MT) fixed for the current financial year 2021-22. MCL went past its target of 163 MT yesterday, making extra efforts to maximize coal production during the remaining days of the financial year and set a new milestone.

On Sunday, the company had achieved its target of 200 Million Cubic Meters (MCuM) for overburden removal (OBR), which strengthens the company’s future outlook of continuous growth in coal production to meet the rising demand of fossil fuel in the country.

With a growth of over 15% in coal production, 21% in despatch and 18% in OBR, MCL  is poised to achieve new records during the current financial year.



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Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) Scales New Heights in Coal Supply

Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL), the leading coal producer, has dispatched over 5.47 lakh ton coal to consumers yesterday breaking its own record of 5.45 lakh tonne within a fortnight.

The Company dispatched the highest ever 103 rakes of coal with 65 rakes coming from Talcher coalfields while 38 rakes were supplied from Ib Valley coalfields.

Shri P K Sinha, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, congratulated the officers and workers of MCL for their consistent and coordinated approach to maximise coal supply which has resulted in an average dispatch of 5.17 lakh tonne per day for the month of October.

Asserting that MCL has sufficient coal stock Shri Sinha said that for the month of October, the coal production, despatch and overburden (OB) removal have registered a growth of 26.5%, 34.3% and 71.7% respectively as against the same period during the last financial year.

Recording an impressive double-digit growth during the current fiscal, MCL has produced 78.5 million tonne coal, registering a growth of 12.16%, while dispatched 89.65 million tonne dry fuel to the consumer, as against 74.33 million tonne supplied during the same period last year.

Overburden (OB) removal at MCL has also registered a significant growth of 22.2% at 101.02 million cubic meters during the current fiscal. This would ensure sufficient availability of exposed resources to extract coal and meet the market demands.



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