Clubhouse’s Creator First ‘Inaugural Class’ Includes Two Expert Psychiatrists

The Frontier Psychiatrists Daily by the Sphere club on Clubhouse is one of 25 finalists of the “Creator’s First Accelerator” program on Clubhouse, the drop-in audio chat social network. This is a big win for mental health.

NEW YORKJune 3, 2021PRLog — The Frontier Psychiatrists Daily, co-hosted by Dr. Carlene MacMillan and Dr. Owen Muir, is the daily go-to destination for what’s next in mental health, exploring oft-underrepresented topics such as the intersection of creativity, mental illness, and psychedelics. The conversations will have a broad scope and wide range of perspectives from mental health and medical experts and individuals with lived experience.

“Clubhouse represents an unprecedented opportunity to share information about mental health help that is actually helpful with the general public on an international scale,” says Dr. MacMillan. “It allows us to connect with so many other inspiring individuals in the mental health, healthcare and heath tech space, and learn from each other along the way.”

Dr. MacMillan and Dr. Muir, co-founders of Brooklyn Minds Psychiatry and Sphere Health, were early adopters of Clubhouse and saw the massive potential that the drop-in audio chat app had to offer. “We quickly found ourselves providing psychoeducation for thousands of people from around the world in a single night,” says Dr. Muir. “This was unlike any conference we had ever attended. On Clubhouse, we reach more people with less logistical hurdles and have remarkable conversations.”

The pilot episode featured a conversation with Fredrick Brennan, the co-founder and later denouncer of 8chan, the controversial imageboard website which served as the home base for Qanon. “What interested us in Fredrick was his personal journey which includes osteogenesis imperfecta disorder, his time in foster care, and self-injury as an adolescent, leading him to create an online community where he felt safe and understood.” Brennan, who was recently featured in Q: Into the Storm, HBO’s recent six-part documentary series about Qanon also discussed how the online community turned toxic and what other platforms can learn from the experience.

Clubhouse, which has been changing the landscape of social media since it’s launch in 2020, chose the team of two board-certified psychiatrists as the only practicing physicians to win a spot out of 5000 applicants. Content involving experts like Dr. MacMillan and Dr. Muir is of particular interest to Clubhouse as it is inline with their mission of creating high quality content spearheaded by the recent hire of Kelly Stoetzel, TED Head of Conferences.

It is encouraging that The Frontier Psychiatrists Daily was selected for the Clubhouse Creators First Inaugural Class. Clubhouse is taking action to reduce stigma and shine a spotlight on the importance of mental health experts being in the conversation. Having medical professionals involved in shows helps to combat rampant medical misinformation that plagues social media platforms, including Clubhouse.

On Sunday, June 6th at 7PM EST, The Frontier Psychiatrists will be hosting GRAMMY-nominated artist Jewel with the Human Behaviour Club to discuss her experiences with mindfulness before embarking on a season of original mental health programming this Summer.

Parade Magazine recently recommended Sphere’s ‘PsychCrunchDisrupt’ and ‘The Future of Mental Health’ rooms as one of the “20 Best Healthy Clubs to Join on Clubhouse” and highlighted Drs. Muir and MacMillan’s AMA Psychiatrist Sunday show as particularly strong.

“Transparent and stigma free conversations are key to better mental health”

—@clubhouse tweet about The Frontier Psychiatrists Daily – May 16th, 2021

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