Circlarity Announces Termination of Partnership with Recircled, LLC

 Circlarity, Inc. today announced that the license and purchase agreement with Recircled LLC terminated as of July 18, 2021.

“While we are disappointed that the transaction will not be completed, Circlarity’s outlook has never been better,” said Ira Baseman, President of Circlarity. “Our first to market, innovative take back technology remains the leading program for fashion brands and retailers that are dedicated to engaging their customers in a data based sustainability experience.”

Circlarity’s technology allows brands to implement, manage and monitor retail consumer recovery of gently used apparel and related merchandise. By using Circlarity’s interface, consumers enjoy a convenient and engaging sustainability experience, where each consumer action is trackable, reportable and personally meaningful. Brands have full visibility into all sustainability activity and behavior of their customers, real time data about sustainability that supports brand value and a marketing narrative that reinforces environmental stewardship. Circlarity is the only technology of its type commercially available in the marketplace.

Created and expanded over the past 7 years, Circlarity’s software program has been utilized by a multitude of organizations across the country. Initially developed with a specific focus on shoe recycling, Circlarity was later enhanced to cater to other apparel and accessory brands. Over 5,000 organizations have deployed the program, with over hundreds of thousands of consumers participating. Baseman explains, We created Circlarity with the consumer at the core of the circular experience to promote and insure a valuable environmental, social and economic return.”

About Circlarity

Circlarity is a fully integrated, digital platform for fashion brands and their customers that allows them to fully participate in the circular economy, while supplying valuable, sustainability metrics. By providing an easy and engaging experience for customers and brands surrounding the management of post consumer merchandise, Circlarity supports and encourages deeper customer understanding around sustainability, strengthens brand value and customer loyalty. Solutions that extend the lifecycle of merchandise also creates new revenue opportunities and responsible participation in the growing circular economy. Learn more at

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